6 Businesses That Will Level Up Your Interior Design

You deserve to come home to the dwelling you’ve always dreamed of.

But finding the perfect products to match your tastes is a difficult decision – you don’t want to waste money on items that aren’t going to stand the test of time.

We know it can be overwhelming with so many brands competing for our attention. Every day we’re flooded with adverts from bargain bathrooms to sofa stockists promising their best sale yet.

Not to worry, we’ve strived to help make the choice a little easier. Here are just six of our favourite businesses that will sprinkle a little magic on your interior design and give you a home you’ll never want to leave.


  • Sharps

Do you have an awkward alcove that you just don’t know how to put to use?

The experts at Sharps Bedrooms will design beautiful bespoke storage solutions to perfectly fit any space. Their elegant bookcases and stylish wardrobes will instantly transform that awkward nook into a flawless and functional feature.


  • Loaf

We use our sofas every day; they’re one of the most important additions to our living rooms. But over time, they’re prone to wear and tear and can lend a certain shabbiness to the rest of an otherwise well-kept room.

If your sofas look like they’ve seen better days, then it’s time to consider investing in something new. Loaf might just be the furniture company you’ve been searching for. They have a wide range of furnishings that not only look good but are comfortable too!


  • Dulux

Our choice of paint can have a huge effect on how our rooms look – and the colours we select can even impact on our mood. Luckily, Dulux have been producing paint for over a hundred years.

Check out their vast range of shades and find the perfect look to suit your style choices.


  • Oakwood Doors

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Replacing your internal doors is a simple but effective way to upgrade your interior design.

The experts at Oakwood Doors know just how to make a room look beautiful, from their modern masterpieces to traditional timber.


  • Rebel Walls

If you want to introduce some colour to your space, but fancy something more original than paint, then check out the experts at Rebel Walls for fantastic wall murals.

Whether you fancy a forest scene, a city scape, or a simplistic pattern, you’ll create a unique look for any room.


  • The Stained Leaded Glass Company

If you want to level up your home design, then consider stained glass windows.

The professionals at The Stained Leaded Glass Company work tirelessly to craft and restore stained glass windows from a variety of institutions from churches to pubs. But their work doesn’t just stop at commercial properties – these stained glass specialists also create beautiful designs for your home that will never fail to impress your friends and neighbours!


What businesses did you go to when embarking on your home design journey? Tell us about them in the comments below!