Motorhome WiFi, a frontrunner in mobile WiFi provision, has revealed a groundbreaking new package which will sure-up connectivity for the growing number of people who require reliable internet access whilst on the road, or in a remote location, securing their ability to access 4G and 5G connection wherever and whenever they need it.

Yorkshire-based mobile home connectivity gurus, Motorhome WiFi, have introduced the superior Category 22 router to their latest package, the 5G Now Compact Pro, which includes everything needed to ensure connectivity, from the router itself to a vehicle roof mounted antenna and internal docking station.

Category 22 router

The Category 22 router is something of a breakthrough in WiFi connectivity terms, offering 5G connection that rivals that of even the latest smartphones. It is capable of establishing up to 7 simultaneous download and 3 upload connections, with the added bonus of being more cost effective than other routers on the market. It is ideal for 2 or more users, whether it is for essential business use or just for streaming TV content into their motorhome or caravan in any rural or remote location in the UK

Motorhome Wi-Fi Director Adam Blacklin explains why the Category 22 router is such a big deal, 

“People often think that it is purely the strength of the signal that is the key factor in WiFi coverage but it isn’t, it’s actually about out-competing the number of other devices in the area that are also trying to access it. This is where the Category 22 router really comes into its own, securing that connection for you over and above the demands of others.”

Travelling demands

The last few years has seen a massive increase in demand for mobile WiFi connectivity, with the exponential growth in people working away from a centralised office environment, together with the growing travel writing/blogging industry. Many people have chosen to combine their commercial and business activities with their love of the open road, but this has seen a big rise in competition for that all important WiFi access. In a survey by Growmotely, 97% of respondents indicated that they did not want to return to an office-based job full-time, with 61% indicating that they would prefer to be fully remote. This gives them the potential to work from literally anywhere, so long as they have the requisite WiFi access, which is where the Category 22 comes in.

Lightning Speed

The addition of the Category 22 router to the Compact Pro package will enable lightning download speeds for up to 32 devices and one wired device, meeting the data needs of the most demanding users. It promises the fastest possible 4G and 5G speeds via a small, compact design with a simple, touch screen menu and colour display. Adam says, “This is another big step up for motorhomers and caravanners alike as it will guarantee their connectivity for the foreseeable future, enabling them to pursue their dreams both personally and professionally”


About Motorhome Wifi  

Motorhome WiFi is a UK based provider of motorhome connectivity products and solutions serving motorhomers, manufacturers, dealers and hire companies across the UK, Europe and beyond.