How can you track your most valuable leads?

Interest from customers is the fuel that drives every successful business. As customers journey through various touchpoints within your business, your effective marketing strategies are capable of feeding their interest, and growing their potential for conversion. The optimal outcome for every business is to produce the highest possible conversion rate of leads to sales.

In order to establish a greater lead conversion, you must first know what market leads are, and how to track the most valuable leads effectively. The core component in greater conversion rates is the successful tracking of valuable leads, and thus, better sales generation.

Read on to find out how you can identify your most valuable market leads, and how you can implement a call tracking system, along with marketing attribution, to most effectively track them in your business.

What are market leads in your business?

Market leads are individuals who express a form of interest in your business. Leads are, essentially, potential customers who have yet to be converted to a sale. They can manifest themselves in various ways, particularly through the ways in which customers are interacting with your marketing touchpoints.

When a customer begins their journey, they may go through several touchpoints throughout their engagement with your business, i.e., social media links, video ads, web pages.

The most valuable leads are customers who are exhibiting certain behaviours alluding to a likely sale. This can include those who are quickly funnelling through the touchpoints, or maybe are calling with promising queries about making a purchase.

To achieve the highest possible rates of lead conversion (customers going from leads to buyers), you must have an effective way of highlighting and tracking these leads.

The best ways to track your most valuable leads

There are many ways that you can identify and track valuable leads in your business. However, the most optimal methods are marketing attribution and call tracking.

These processes are as follows:

  • Marketing attribution

Marketing attribution maps out the entire customer journey, and provides data on every touchpoint included. The data can range from the volume of engagement at every touchpoint, to the conversion rates. This can then be analysed to reveal the strongest touchpoints for engagement, and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies overall.

This process is a great tool for tracking valuable leads for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Entire journey mapping

By having data on the entire customer journey, you can see every interaction a customer makes with your business. This means that any valuable leads can be clearly spotted at the precise moment their interest increases.

  • Engagement volumes

You can easily identify touchpoints that are delivering the highest levels of engagement. From here, you can have a better idea of where the most valuable leads will likely come from, and which touchpoints they are likely to visit.

  • Conversion rates

Marketing attribution can also reveal which touchpoints are the main points of conversion from a lead to a sale. This can help you track not only the journeys of leads, but which ones are most likely to convert to a sale (the most valuable), and where this will happen.

  • Call tracking

Call tracking is a process that involves collecting intricate data on various aspects of a customer call. This data can include a breakdown of all the touchpoints a customer visited before, during, and after a call, as well as an analysis of various keywords used during a conversation. This tool highlights the importance of customer calls, and their ability to effectively convert leads to sales.

Similar to marketing attribution, call tracking software is essential for revealing and tracking valuable leads in your business. This is due to:

  • Customer journey touchpoints

Call tracking reveals every touchpoint visited by a caller, before, during, and after their conversation. This allows you to promptly track the behaviours and activities of valuable leads. For instance, if a customer shows heavy interest in their conversation, you can track exactly where they visit after the call. This can help you tailor your touchpoints to seal-in more sales from valuable leads.

  • Keyword recognition

Call tracking can pick up keywords mentioned in a conversation, using speech analytics. This means that you can easily identify customers who are showing great interest in your services, or making promising queries, due to the call tracking software analysis of what they’re saying.

If you want to elevate your lead and sales generation, you must first know how to track these leads in the best possible way. Nevertheless, look no further than an expert marketing attribution and call tracking system.