How To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

Disposing of your old mattress is easier than you think; you can take it to your local tip, organise a collection for the tip or hire a private waste collection. If your mattress is in good condition, you could also donate it to charity.

Only 19% of mattresses get recycled, which has spawned a mattress landfill crisis. Keeping mattresses out of landfills is one of the biggest challenges bedding companies face, and you have an essential role to play.  

As the mattress user, you handle the mattress at the end of its life. The decisions you make will determine where your old mattress ends up. Here are the best ways to dispose of your old mattress to keep it out of the landfill:

Could you take it to your local tip? 

You can take your old mattress to your local tip if you have a large enough vehicle. Some tips have mattress recycling facilities, while others send mattresses to specialists. Either way, your mattress will get recycled.           

To find your local tip, just Google “local tip.”

Note – councils run local tips, and you may need to register your vehicle or get a permit to visit. Refer to your local council’s website for guidance. Remember – visiting a tip in an unregistered vehicle could see you turned away.

Apply for special collection of large waste items

Your local council will offer large waste collection – visit this page and enter your postcode to get started. The cost for a large waste collection depends on the council, and you need to provide reasonable access for collection.

Once collected, old mattresses end up at council-owned or private recycling facilities, where they are broken down into constituent parts.

Hire private waste removal 

If your local council doesn’t take your old mattress, you can arrange for private waste collection. If you choose a reputable waste removal company, your old mattress will be sent off to a specialist facility for recycling.

Private waste removal is a lot more expensive than council waste collection, but it’s an excellent way to beat waiting times and get things done.

Avoid companies that don’t have a valid environmental permit or a good reputation – these could be fly-tippers who will throw your old mattress in any field or dumping site they find.

Give your old mattress to charity

If your mattress is in good physical condition, a charity will be glad to take it. Charities take mattresses providing they are:

  • Unsoiled
  • Unstained
  • Equipped with fire labels

If your mattress has stains, you can try removing these to make your mattress eligible for charity. Charities will also organise a collection for your old mattress, although it may be easier to take it down if you have a vehicle.

Here are a few charities that take mattresses:

Sell your old mattress for cash 

If you need to raise a little extra cash and your old mattress is in good condition, you can list it on auction websites like eBay or local marketplaces like Gumtree.

You can expect £10 to £100 for an old mattress depending on its condition, brand, and whether you will deliver it. Most people don’t have a van, so if you can deliver, this will make a massive difference in earning a fast sale.

Here are a few places you can sell your old mattress online:

  • Gumtree
  • Facebook Local
  • eBay
  • Shpock

You could also contact your local used furniture stores to see if they will take it off your hands for £20 or £30, but you’ll need to deliver it.


If your old mattress is damaged, spent, or heavily soiled, get it recycled by taking it to the tip or get it collected for the tip. If it is in good condition, give it to charity or sell it to raise a little cash. We’d go down the charity route.