Sneaker Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Gone are the days when sneakers (or trainers as we call them in the UK) used to be worn by athletes and sports enthusiasts. Today, they are common attire for all kinds of people worldwide. The evolution of streetwear styles has greatly boosted sneaker popularity by portraying them as comfortable and stylish. Let’s not forget the fact that sneakers are versatile shoes that you can wear with almost anything.

Whether you are an Instagram influencer or just a casual sneaker lover, it does not matter. Sneaker trends are constantly changing, with new styles and trends emerging every year. Therefore, If you are serious about keeping up with the latest sneaker trends, this article is for you.


The Sneaker World – What to Expect in 2022

2022 is going to be a big year for sneakerheads for various reasons. There are hot sneaker trends we are expecting to see as the year draws to its second half. Furthermore, the hype in this niche is always showing upward trends meaning that getting a pair of your favorite sneakers will not get any easier than it is right now. For sneakerheads, you need to arm yourself with several tools to increase your purchasing chances if you are to keep up with the 2022 trends.

Websites such as Supreme are getting more popular as the days go by. You need to arm yourself with efficient bots when purchasing sneakers from these stores, as the demand is usually out of this world. One of the most popular bots you can use here is MEKpreme. Keep in mind that you should use MEKpreme proxies to evade detection.

Now that you have an idea of how to stay prepared for 2022, read on to see these trends and find out how they will affect the sneaker market.


Chunky Sneakers

This trend started in 2017 and will still be a hit in 2022. It is no secret that chunky sneakers have been plagued by controversy since they hit global stores. Some people lauded them as ugly and oversized, while some immediately loved them. Nevertheless, chunky sneakers are affordable and comfortable. Love them or hate them – they are here to stay. 

So, where exactly can you purchase chunky sneakers? You can head to Finish Line, which is a popular sneaker store. However, remember that bots are essential here since the demand almost always beats supply. Therefore, a good idea would be to use a Finish Line bot and a proxy. Click here to read more on how Finish line proxies can help you cop chunky sneakers.


Vintage Sneakers

This trend has flown under the radar for quite a while and is only starting to become popular. Sneakers from the ’80s and 90s are starting to become a big hype due to their unique nature compared to current generation sneakers.

However, it is worth noting that the colors here are more modern than the rather pale color schemes synonymous with older generation sneakers. This trend is only starting, so getting a pair or two before they become popular and expensive would be best. 


Futuristic Kicks

Beyond chunky and vintage sneakers is a world where designers are trying to figure out what humanity will be wearing in the next century. This has led to the introduction of sneakers that look straight out of an alien movie. From self-tying shoes to futuristic designs, this is a trend we expect to get better and better as we inch closer to the second half of 2022.


Trail Runners

Trail runners are gaining popularity as casual wear, although they were originally meant for outdoor activities such as hiking. These sneakers are comfy, stylish, and offer a blend of functionality. For instance, they provide better traction and have better stability when compared to regular sneakers. 



It is difficult to manually stay up to date with the latest sneaker trends and releases since this field has many options and is constantly evolving. Certain brands release limited editions that are only available for short periods due to their prestigious nature. Hence, getting your hands on one of these coveted sneakers becomes difficult. For you to enjoy the most out of 2022 sneaker trends, you should utilize a bot and proxy to have better purchasing power during releases.