0800 Business Numbers Explained

Any business that wants to generate more inbound calls should consider investing in an 0800 number. To be clear, 0800 business telephone numbers are one of the best ways of encouraging people to call your company. They are extremely useful for both customer service lines and sales hotlines. If you are considering an 0800 number for your business, large or small, then what do you need to know? Read on to find out.

What Is an 0800 Number?

An 0800 business number is free to call from anywhere in the UK. A non-geographical type of telephone service, 0800 numbers can be routed to any location in the country. As such, they require no area code and offer no clue as to where the call will be handled. Therefore, they’re good for both local and national businesses that want to grow the number of calls they receive.

How Are 0800 Business Numbers Routed?

When 0800 business numbers first came out, they had to be tied to a dedicated landline. However, this is no longer the case and the UK’s phone network allows 0800 numbers to redirect calls to any number. As such, you can buy 0800 number divert mobile or a landline. If you buy an 0800 number to divert to your mobile, you can effectively take it with you, ideal for mobile businesses and tradespeople who are out and about a great deal, for example. According to Cleartone Communications, a supplier of a wide range of business telephone numbers, calls to 0800 business numbers are diverted to mobiles and landlines immediately. Callers won’t even realise they are being transferred with no delays, clicks or buzzes on the line.

Why Do People Trust Businesses With 0800 Numbers?

Most people in the UK recognise an 0800 number as a freephone line. This means that if someone is weighing up whether to phone your business or not, they will be more likely to since they know they won’t be charged for the call. In addition, businesses that have invested in a freephone number often appear that bit more prestigious and professional than those without them.

What If I Cannot Answer My Phone When My 0800 Business Number Is Called?

When you buy an 0800 number to divert to a mobile or landline, your firm might not always be able to answer the call. If so, a voicemail should kick in to allow callers to leave a message. This is good for out-of-hours call answering. However, if you have bought an 0800 number to divert to a mobile phone during the working day and are not in a good reception area, then a tailored voicemail response will be beneficial. Some business number suppliers will send 0800 number callers to a dedicated business voicemail when calls are unanswered so that they don’t get transferred to the mobile operator’s voicemail. For mobile users with 0800 numbers, this is particularly useful since it helps to maintain the right sort of professional image. When you buy an 0800 number to divert to a mobile, check the service provider offers this sort of functionality.