Biochemists “headline” Glastonbury with magic 59th formula for premium post-social drink

Finding the magic formula to bounce back after socialising is clearly not for the fainthearted but, after 59 versions and a bucketload of determination, Dhruv Trivedi and Vandana Vljay have cracked it.

Now the entrepreneurial duo are heading to one of the world’s best-loved festivals, Glastonbury, with the result – Bounce Back, the first post-social replenishment drink, designed to be consumed before turning in after a night of socialising with friends.

Based in Scotland, Dhruv and fellow biochemist Vandana Vija have developed Bounce Back’s unique science-based formula of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which work together with the body’s natural restoration process to help alleviate the stresses of an active social life, allowing the body to feel refreshed the next day.

Appearing as part of the premium product line-up at this year’s Glastonbury Pop-Up Hotel – one of only three products given this privilege – Bounce Back will be available in each of the 350 stunning tents and rooms where VIP Glasto fans will be able to indulge and enjoy a can at the end of each night.

Managing Director and Co-founder Dhruv, who will be soaking up the atmosphere at the festival, said: “We have spent years researching and experimenting to find just the right combination of replenishing nutrients. Finally, after 59 versions, we found our winning ready-to-drink formula.

“We saw a gap in the market and our customer research showed that there was indeed a need for a post-social drink. The lavish Pop-Up Hotel at Glastonbury is the ideal venue to showcase Bounce Back, as festival goers can enjoy the social side of Glastonbury and then after having a can before bed, can get up the next day to feel rejuvenated to do it all over again!”

CEO and Co-founder Vandana Vijay said: “Bounce Back has been specifically designed to be consumed after socialising and before bed, giving the body the replenishing nutrients, it needs, while you sleep, making it the perfect drink for the legendary music festival.

“Bounce Back is all about focussing on Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Mindfulness – these four pillars of wellbeing work in harmony to keep your mind and body healthy. When an active social life disrupts these pillars, Bounce Back works effortlessly while you sleep to help restore balance so when you wake up the following day, your body feels refreshed.”

With a blend that includes Choline to support the maintenance of normal liver function, Vitamin B12 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, Vitamin B6 helps maintain normal energy levels, Vitamins C and E which assist in the protection of cells and oxidative
stress, and Zinc and Selenium to help normal function of the body’s immune system, the innovative product works to put the goodness back into your body.

Bounce Back is a lightly sparkling drink currently available in two flavours, Tropical and Raspberry, both offering a refreshing taste. The Bounce Back drinks range includes:

  • 4 x 250ml cans at RRP £8.99
  • 12 x 250ml cans at RRP £21.29
  • Bounce Back is also available as a single purchase (at RRP £2.49)

Bounce Back will be available to purchase in the Pool and Bar Area within the VIP Village at Glastonbury from 20th to the 27th June 2022. Bounce Back is more widely available in the UK via and at selected local convenience stores. For more information, please visit