Why Is Malta the Best Place to Register an Online Casino Business?

This stringent regulatory environment makes Malta a safe and secure place. It also ensures that players can trust that the online casinos they are playing at are reputable and reliable. In addition to a strong regulatory framework, Malta also offers several other advantages to online casino operators, including:

  • A favourable tax regime – Maltese companies pay a corporate tax rate of just 5%, one of the lowest in Europe.
  • A multilingual population – Malta is home to over 440,000 people, and 65% of them speak at least two languages. This makes it an ideal location for operators looking to target multiple global markets.

So if you want to register a business where you want to offer your customers new online casinos without registration, it is worth considering Malta as a base for your business. There are a few things to keep in mind if you look to operate an online casino from Malta. First, you must obtain a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority. The authority is well-staffed and experienced in regulating the online gaming industry, so your application will likely be approved if you meet all requirements. In addition, you must ensure that your games and marketing materials are compliant with Maltese law. The Malta Gaming Authority will be happy to help you ensure that your casino meets all legal requirements. Finally, Malta offers attractive fiscal incentives to online casino operators, making it an attractive location for doing business.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which regulates online gambling in the country, offers a number of tax breaks to gaming companies that establish a presence in Malta. These include a 0% corporate tax rate on profits generated from gaming activities and no value-added or withholding taxes on payments made to Maltese companies by overseas customers.

These tax breaks have helped Malta become a hotspot for online gaming companies, with over 150 operators setting up shop. The MGA has also been aggressive in regulating the industry, issuing licences to dozens of new operators in recent years. This has helped make Malta one of the most reputable and well-regulated jurisdictions for online gambling.

Why Malta?


Malta is the perfect location should you wish to register an online casino business, as they make it as easy as possible, all while maintaining strict rules and regulations, such as:

Excellent infrastructure: Malta has world-class telecoms and internet infrastructure, making it an ideal location for online gaming companies. The country also has a 24/7 workforce, which is important for companies that need around-the-clock support.

Friendly tax environment: Malta has a very friendly tax environment for online gaming companies, with low corporate tax rates and no personal income tax.

Good reputation: Malta has a good reputation; this reputation helps to attract businesses looking for a safe and secure place to do business.