How Casino Bonuses Helped The Gambling Industry Grow

Casinos have always looked for ways to attract more players. When traditional physical settings were the in-thing, they focused on the aesthetics of the casinos. They would invest heavily in décor, good music, excellent staff, and more to make the players feel welcome. They even had dress codes that aligned with the vibe they wanted to induce for their players. But when online casinos started and seemed to be sprouting everywhere, they had to be fast on their feet. How could they attract players who wanted to play virtually? – Players who were less interested in aesthetics and more grounded in the playing experience. It took a while, but they finally got it right through casino bonuses. We look at what they are and why they are so crucial to the growth of casinos to date:


What Are Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses, as the name implies, are offers made by the casinos to existing and potential clients. These are incentives to play or keep playing with the given site. And if you look at the best bookies sign up offers, you will realize there are many types of bonuses. They include:

  • Deposit Bonuses: These apply to people who deposit money into the casino. For example, a casino can offer players a fixed amount or a percentage bonus. E.g., if you deposit money, you will get up to 50% in bonuses up to a limit of £200. And a player who thus invests £100 gets an additional £50 to use in the game.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: These incentives are hard to come by because they do not require players to deposit any money. For example, a casino can offer a bonus of £50 to every new player. And the player would thus be privy to the offer regardless of if they deposited money on the site.
  • Free Spins: Some casinos allow players to try their hand at games that require spins. And instead of paying for the spins, the players use the ones accorded to them in the form of credit. This offer is typical in games like slots and spin the wheel.
  • Loyalty Promotions: Casinos know that retaining clients is good for them in the long run. Plus, it is much cheaper than converting leads into clients. So, they spend considerable money to retain the people who play with them. And they do this by offering them loyalty bonuses – these can be free spins, deposit bonuses, trips, etc. There are many ways to keep clients happy, and most sites enjoy using such tactics to stay on top of their game.

Additionally, some sites use what is known as a cashback, which allows players to get some of their money back after losing a wager. For example, if you spend £100 on a wager and lose, the site may offer you £20 to help you play another game. This incentive enables players to hedge their risk when playing as they consider it some form of insurance.


Are There Conditions to the Bonuses?

Of course! Casinos know that players can try to use loopholes in the bonuses to benefit and leave them without using their money. So, they come up with a set of rules tied to each bonus, enabling them to force players to play with real money or play several times before they can cash out their winnings. Also, some require players to identify themselves to keep the same user from opening different accounts to take up bonuses. It’s important to note that the requirements tied to each bonus differ based on the site.


Why Are Bonuses Such a Hit?

Bonuses started slow and soon became the thing most gamblers consider when choosing an online casino. Why is that?

  1. The appeal of free money: How many people would say no to the chance to save money? Most people take up bonuses because they do not have a big gambling budget and want to use the offer to increase their stakes. Plus, the aspect of free money is quite attractive as it has less danger tied to it.
  2. They increase the gambling capital: Suppose a player has £100 and gets a bonus of £30. They now have £130 to use in games. And this allows them to place more or bigger wagers than they would have if they did not have access to the extra money.
  3. They reduce the gambling risk: Some people shy away from placing bets because they do not want to lose money. But with bonuses, this risk reduces because players can use the offers to place wagers and avoid putting their money on the line. This perk is especially true when it comes to the no deposit bonuses. A player can profit from winning a wager without using a single coin.
  4. They increase the profit levels: If a player has £500 to use in a game and gets a bonus that raises this amount to £600, their possible win also increases. So, players can use the extra cash as leverage and make more money in a shorter while.
  5. They make players feel lucky: Gambling is all about trying your luck. And securing a bonus even before one has played a game ties in well with the gambling concept. Many players thus take up the incentives, believing they are lucky enough to secure such a deal. Interestingly, newbies who have not had such deals before think their luck will expire if they do not grab them. And this pushes them to sign up to sites without researching what other options are available to them.

Should players keep taking up bonuses? Sure – a helping hand is always a nice touch to the game. But before signing up for anything, players should get to review their options based on:

  • The reputation of the sites,
  • The customer service, and
  • The variety of games.

They should also perform enough due diligence to know what conditions await them.