The term fitout refers to utilising elements to make your property or business premises fit a certain purpose or theme. Usually, it involves various aspects, from mechanical and electrical installations to your interior design and furnishing. Many customers are drawn to certain shops due to their fitout. This is why it’s vital to make your retail fitout as appealing as possible.

You’ll need to work on your brand identity for your brand to grow, and one of the best ways to do that is through your retail fitout. The atmosphere or design of your space should reflect your brand identity. And since retail fitout trends can change as time progresses or, with advancements in technology and the evolution of your brand, you should consider updating your retail fitout according to the current trends. 

Before you start your search for commercial fitouts for your business, here’s a look at six retail fitout trends you should watch out for. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years and is still growing significantly in terms of functionality and accessibility. AI is one of the best technological trends in the market as it offers an array of subsets like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality creates an artificial but fully immersive experience. On the other hand, Augmented Reality adds digital elements to a live view.

Artificial Intelligence’s popularity within museums, retailers, and even brand activations is increasing significantly. Thanks to its immersive concept, AI is a powerful tool that offers users a personalised experience that allows them to engage and interact with brands in a whole new way. 

With these benefits, consider adopting AI elements into your retail fitout with the hope of fostering brand recognition in the minds of your existing and potential clients alike.

2. Sustainability As A Priority 

Sustainability goals and initiatives have become the norm in our modern society. Nowadays, consumers value companies that protect the environment, actively support corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, and give something back to the community. If you lack these values, your brand will likely negatively impact clients’ perception.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability has become a vital aspect of businesses over the years. It’s not optional for brands anymore to improve their working conditions and produce goods that are environment-friendly. It has become a must. 

3. Social Media-Friendly Fitout

The eCommerce world and brick-and-mortar stores are in great competition; as a result, physical stores need to step up their game by ensuring they offer an authentic and convenient shopping experience that’s worth sharing. For instance, you can design your space according to a specific theme. Doing this will help attract more customers through word of mouth.

As a business owner, you’d want to be seen as a brand that offers top-notch customer experience, allowing customers to remember the whole experience while wanting to share it on social media.

If your store is social media-friendly, it seamlessly links you to offline and online worlds. This is a great free advertisement technique that will help grow your brand. However, for your brand to be successful, you’ll need to be appealing and consistent. 

4. Convenience Fitout

The demand for digital shopping is increasing, and as a result, the number of physical stores is decreasing. With approximately one out of four people being online shoppers, some retailers see no need to have large spaces in brick-and-mortar stores. 

This means it’s all about increasing convenience and working with that which suits the customer. By boosting its convenience aspect, such as in the placement of goods or layout of seats, you can grow your retail store significantly.

5. Contactless Payment

During the pandemic, there had been a significant shift in the retail sector, where more clients opted for contactless payment. This concept involves the use of touch-free technology, including voice and facial recognition. Furthermore, it’s safe from a hygiene perspective. 

And post-pandemic, many customers now prefer shopping from retailers that offer contactless payment. As a result, various stores have installed Quick Response (QR) codes in their payment systems. NFC, or near-field communication, is an example of a widely used contactless payment system in retail stores.

6. Natural Light Fitout

If you’ve sufficient retail space, you should consider incorporating as much natural light as possible. This is vital as natural light is considered a mood booster. With ample natural lighting, you’ll be able to enhance your customers’ shopping experience as your products will appear more appealing thanks to the realistic colours. Natural lighting is especially suitable for grocery stores and fitting rooms.

The colour temperature of your lighting is also critical for your retail space. Colour temperature can create either a cooling or warming effect in terms of visuals, which will significantly affect how your products appear. 


Retail fitout trends of 2022 and 2023 consist of enhancing customers’ shopping experience by creating a dramatic or more comfortable shopping environment. These trends encourage the use of various techniques, from technology to the natural environment. By incorporating the tips discussed in this article, you’ll be able to enhance your clients’ shopping experience while growing your brand identity significantly.