Lloyd’s Register and Seably integrate their systems to ease crew trainings and certificate management

Lloyd’s Register (LR), a global professional services company specialising in engineering and technology for the maritime industry and Seably, a marketplace for online maritime training, has announced that they will be integrating their web-based systems to ease crew trainings and certificate management by streamlining processes and automating exchange of data.

The newly formed LR Digital Solutions division offers, among other solutions, Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), a cloud-based management system for shipping and ship management companies. The system offers more than 40 different modules to enhance efficiency across the different departments of a company.

Seably is a marketplace for online maritime trainings where anyone can explore, take, or even teach a course. They offer a wide range of flag state-approved STCW courses, legislation typed trainings, introduction courses, reflective learning how-to courses, and customer demanded trainings. With new content added every month, from industry professionals, training centres, subcontractors, and insurance companies, offering the latest in maritime education.

The goal of this partnership is to empower a faster, smarter, and more collaborative management of crew trainings. Since the trainings provided by Seably can conveniently be accessed both via web-browsers or through their native apps, seafarers can autonomously take care of their trainings and respective certificates, freeing up crew managers’ time. All data that is created this way will automatically be transferred to CFM where it is immediately available for further use.

Martin Taylor, CEO LR Digital Solutions division said: “Integration of systems and standardisation of data brings huge benefits to shipping companies. Instead of managing data manually in two separate systems, crew managers now only need to create information in one place which is then automatically available in both systems. This does not only free up time but additionally increases quality and reliability of data.”

“Being open and easy to integrate with is an essential part of Seably’s business. By teaming up with CFM we can onboard our joint customers quicker, allowing for automatic seafarer enrolment and training record synchronisation. We’re happy to have started with AdMare Ship Management and OljOla Shipping as our trial integration partners and look forward to implementing a full-scale roll-out with Peter Döhle and Erik Thun AB soon.” added David Svensson, CTO of Seably.


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