German billionaire founder and CEO Michael Gastauer launched Black Banx in 2015, offering private and business accounts to 200,000 customers, giving customers the ability to transfer money instantly almost anywhere in the world. Now, the digital bank is one of the fastest growing FinTech services. The platform aims to connect customers and businesses worldwide easily via smartphones and online.

Black Banx aims to unlock a borderless financial system where money can flow freely. Offering various banking services wrapped up in different account packages ranging from Black to Titanium for private and business accounts. The customer-focused platform keeps traditional digital banking services while introducing industry-first perks. 

For Black Banx, 2016 was all about expansion. Offices were opened in the US, UK and Hong Kong, offering products in 18 currencies, cryptocurrency as a deposit method and growing its customer base to 1 million. Additional offices in Singapore, Brazil, India and Russia arrived in 2017 with an increase of 2 million customers. In 2018, their Canadian office opened, and Black Banx began to offer private and business accounts in 28 FIAT currencies to 5 million customers. In addition, they launched fully-fledged crypto trading with BTC and ETH as cryptocurrencies. Customer base increased to 8 million in 2019, with the arrival of offices in UAE and South Africa, truly establishing itself as a global platform. By 2021, China and Japan had offices, and Black Banx reported 12 million customers.

Last year (2022), Black Banx centred itself around growth. Having amassed 20 million customers in its first 9 years of operation, Black Banx continues to stealthily navigate the Financial Technology sector. The Group has 1.5 million business customers, and accounts can be opened from 180 countries in 28 different currencies. Black Banx’s workforce has steadily grown from eight employees in 2014 to over 3,000 as of December 2022. 

What does Black Banx offer?

  • Private and business accounts in 28 FIAT and 2 Cryptocurrencies
  • International payments in 28 FIAT and 2 Cryptocurrencies using a local instant settlement system where possible
  • Inter Platform instant payments in 28 FIAT and 2 Cryptocurrencies
  • Multi-currency debit cards (physical and virtual)
  • Real-time 24/7 currency exchange services
  • Real-time 24/7 crypto trading services
  • Instant bearings savings accounts in EUR, USD, JPY, GBP
  • Batch upload or API to execute a large number of payments for business customers

In addition to providing speed and security, Black Banx is proud of its innovative aspect – being the first crypto bank to provide a mobile app. The Group offers client autonomy by combining the banking platform with critical features of crypto exchange. Individuals and businesses can use their crypto balance to pay third parties directly via the banking platform.


What does 2023 look like for Black Banx?

Black Banx continues to find ways to grow its customer base. They hope to increase their clientele from 20 million to over 25 million by the end of the year, with their intended end-of-year revenue to be over $1.9bn. 

Black Banx intends to remain a key figure in the digital banking world. Its commitment to being client focused while retaining a healthy work environment and becoming net zero emissions paves the way for the Black Banx Group to settle nicely at the top of the FinTech sector. They have four key strategies to ensure their continued success: focus on their areas of strength, digitise at scale to adapt their operating model for the future, energise their organisation for growth and support the transition to a net zero global economy.