Top Salary Negotiation Tips To Get The Desired Wages

When you get a job from an employer, it’s almost certain that you’ll be offered a package that may include a proposed salary. Now, sometimes, the provided money will be enough for you, while, in other cases, it might not sound deserving in any aspect.

Now, what will happen if you really want to work in the company but don’t like their offered salary at all? How can you get both at the same time while losing out on nothing?

Well, this is where your negotiation skills are going to come in handy.

If you know how to arbitrate your salary, you’ll be able to get paid fairly no matter where you are working. Here are some strategies that might be beneficial for you in this aspect.

How to Negotiate for Your Salary?

Negotiating your salary will solely depend on two aspects – your corporate experience and the skills you have in the related industry. Considering these two, here’s how you can get started –

1: Learn about the National Average Salary

Before you start working out how much you deserve, the first thing you need to know is what amount everyone else’s getting. To know this, you have to search and refer to at least three to four websites.

Now, list them down and work out the average of all of them. Whatever the result is should be where you must start your negotiation from. But remember, your CV must reflect what you’re thinking about asking for. Or else your application might get rejected right away.

2: Know Your Value

Knowing your value in life is extremely important. However, when talking about getting a job, it becomes almost invaluable and irreplaceable. So, look for the following –

  • Your experience
  • The skills you currently possess, and
  • What can you offer to the hiring organization

When negotiating salary, you should always begin with the higher amount that you are looking for. This way, even if they try to lower the expense, you can still get what you are seeking.

3: Talk to the Recruiting Team

Do you want to make your research look a bit more authentic?

Well, in that case, you should consider talking to the recruiters. This way, it’ll be easier for you to get more reports on the wages you deserve. Hence, make sure to collect all the reports and compare them to find the best possible return on your part.

Also, when it comes to negotiating, you must ensure that you are timing it right. Make sure to listen to what your recruiter has to say about the salary proposal. If you like it, it’s all well and good. But, if you don’t, then you can state your wish and tell the reasons behind it.

Bonus – Go for a Thursday Negotiation.

Sounds a little awkward, right?

Why do you have to wait for a Thursday to negotiate the salary when you can begin headfirst on a Monday? Well, here’s the reason behind it.

When we start off the week, we tend to get a little hard-nosed due to the work pressure we’re going through. Hence, the risk of disagreeing with your offer will become quite high.

However, as the week goes by, we become more accommodating and flexible slowly. Thus, as per a report, you should always begin your negotiation on a Thursday. Yes, you can do it on a free-flowing Friday too. But, in that case, you’ll get the confirmation the next Monday.

And that’s way too much tension and suspense to tackle during your weekends.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to negotiating, being bold and confident will be key. The way you enter a room will dictate how the interaction will go in the end. If the negotiator sees that you don’t feel confident enough, they will always behave like they have the upper hand.

Also, before you get started with the negotiation, begin your journey with questions.

Like, you can ask them about what they really need from you or how much responsibility they want to give to you. Depending on their answer, you may increase your claim. Just make sure not to decrease the amount, no matter what, from your side.

Before we end, just remember – the Average salaries vary by region to region in England.