In the UK we’re blessed with a wealth of choice when it comes to sportswear, with a seemingly endless variety of brands to choose from on the rails.

However, some brands are considered to be more preferential than others to buyers for a variety of reasons. A notable one is that certain labels are known for producing clothing that suits specific sporting activities. But also, brand preference can be influenced by everything from the manufacturer of the jerseys of our favourite teams and players – from football, to rugby, tennis and beyond – through to promotions of new-to-market pieces that are tailored towards posting about on social media.

Here, we take a closer look at some such brands and have done the research to determine which are the current favourites amongst UK sportswear consumers.


Consistently popular brands

According to research, the sports brands that have been historically and consistently popular in this country are Nike, Adidas, Vans and PUMA. This is apparent from search data as well as their social media followings, with each of these having followers and hits online in the tens of millions. A special mention should be given to Nike though, whose social media presence is approximately 200 million, dwarfing most other brands.


Increasingly popular brands

As we’ve already mentioned, we have plenty of choice when buying and that’s due in part to brands which were once on the periphery of the markets, being much more established now. A few notable examples include the likes of GymShark and Under Armour which have tapped into the growing preference for activewear and gym clothes that look and feel good – and which complement gym-based exercise. This blog explains more about how GymShark went from one person crafting clothing by hand to a now billion-pound enterprise.

In a similar vein to this, brands like Castore and Errea have seen success and made a real name for themselves in recent years by landing sponsorship deals. Castore in particular now has clothing exclusivity with the likes of Andy Murray, Scottish Premiership club Rangers and more recently the McLaren team in Formula One.


Up-and-coming brands

In a recent article from Women’s Health which details some of the best British activewear brands that are up-and-coming, it does seem like what’s on-trend right now is to have chic and stylish sports clothing that will look good on social media too. A few examples they list with that in mind include Adanola and Tala, which are seemingly popular because they factor in your sports performance with ‘flattering fits’.

Further to this, sustainability is a big focus for up-and-coming brands, with the likes of Stipe & Stare and Pokita producing pieces that are made from recycled materials and which can be composted.


The future

What we can see here is that quality is a consistent factor in popularity, but so is appealing to changing consumer needs. As such, it will be interesting to see which of these newer labels makes the jump to the big leagues and whether or not the trends they’re starting eventually get rolled out amongst the lines of the current crop of top brands