Paribus vs. Other Money-Saving Apps: Know the Difference

In the post-pandemic era, everybody is seeking ways to earn and go that extra mile to save the additional penny. After all, you can always appreciate the power of saving finances and the leverage it can earn you during emergencies.

This increased need for financial savings led to the development of different money-saving apps in the market. However, the war between legit and scams and never be ignored. Thus it is always advisable to use only renowned apps that have been able to earn the faith of not only ordinary people but also financial experts.

This is where apps such as Paribus’ money-saving app comes into the picture, which has been able to mark themselves in the market. To get more information on the app, you can always check the reviews on Paribus.

Now, the question is what makes Paribus different from other money-saving apps.

Guide to Paribus Versus Other Money-Saving Apps

Here are the significant differences between Paribus and other money-saving apps which make the former stand apart from the crowd.

How Does Paribus Work?

Paribus is a renowned app that, as per experts, is a must for all online shoppers. Paribus actually looks into your email for purchases made in the past 30 days and seeks any chance of automatic refunds.

The app then monitors these purchases and compares the prices and coupons in the present times. And if there are any drops in the prices compared to what you paid, or if there have been any shipping delays, the app then submits claims on your behalf to the retailer for refunds in the form of cash backs or coupons.

What is the Difference Between Paribus and Other Such Apps?

What makes Paribus different from other such apps is its modus operandi, as it operates through your email id. Also, instead of observing and taking advantage of direct deals, the Paribus app works through claims and refunds, which are applicable if there have been any discrepancies in prices at the time of sale and in real time.

Other apps, on the other hand, work by working with direct points, such as giving you a target to save, informing you about any existing sales deal, or getting you to earn through playing online games.

Advantages of the Paribus App and Why You Should Use It

Here are some reasons and advantages of the Paribus app, which make it a hot-selling cake among shoppers, especially online shoppers.


No Fee for the Users

The Paribus app asks for no fee amount from its users. Then how does it earn for itself? Well, the app makes money through targeted advertisements posted on its interface.

Perfect for Online Shoppers

The app is ideal for last-minute shoppers who, at the time of purchase, do not get time to compare the prices or seek any discounts. This is where the app comes into the picture and gets them cashback if there have been any price drops.


Handles Cash Back Policies Diligently

Many people may ask whether companies or traders entertain such requests for cash back after the shopping and payment have been made. Well, it is a fact that many traders or online brands have this policy of offering price guarantees within 30 days of purchase.

However, not every shopper has the time to read these policies and make efforts to cash them in. Paribus app does this work on your behalf and follows these traders to get you maximum benefits.


You Get To Shop at Reputable Brands

Paribus app has a list of reputable brands it works with, such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Macy’s, etc. Thus, if you are a habitual shopper of only established brands, you can always check Paribus’ policy guide to check whether it works with your favorite brand or not.

Paribus also works with Amazon, but lately, the shopping marketplace does not allow any price protection. However, the Paribus app can assist you in availing refunds for any shipping charges on your orders.


Paribus offers you a browser extension.

To make the most of the Paribus app, you can use its browser extension as well by name of Capital One Shopping. The extension works on every shopping website you visit and helps you with any kind of refund as applicable. However, you must sign on to these shopping platforms through the Paribus website instead of their app.

Get Alerts About Price Drops

The most significant advantage of the Paribus app is that it informs you about the price drops in the things you purchased earlier. Thus, shoppers who intend to repurchase the same category of objects can take advantage of the reduction in prices. Significant relief for shoppers, indeed!

Final Words

The Paribus app is a boon for online shoppers, especially those who wish to save money on their purchases but cannot do so due to a shortage of time. The Paribus app has been designed to help people get their money back by observing the purchase price chart. Since this is the age of digitization and for every purchase, you get an email from the trader, the Paribus app overlooks your email and seeks a price reduction since your last purchase or any shipping delays. If the app observes any such decline within 30 days of the purchase being made, it immediately follows up with the trader for cash back. Happy shopping!