Cadent – the UK’s largest gas distribution network – has been awarded The Menopause Friendly Accreditation. With a goal of ‘keeping people warm while protecting the planet’, Cadent transports gas to more than 11 million homes and businesses and employs over 6,500 people within its operational centre in Coventry and across its 80 depots throughout the country.

The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, established by Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace (, recognises high standards and proven practices that embrace menopause in the workplace.

In order to achieve The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, employers are assessed by an Independent Panel and must demonstrate evidence of their effectiveness in six key areas:  culture, policies and practices, training, engagement, facilities and evaluation.

“We are delighted to be the first gas distribution company to become accredited as menopause friendly,” says Lucy Stuart, Head of Risk & Assurance and Menopause lead at Cadent. “As a sector that is generally male dominated, it is important for Cadent to have equity in our workplace. By becoming Menopause Friendly, we are giving our menopausal and perimenopausal colleagues the chance to be their most comfortable and confident selves at work. It is a huge opportunity to support all colleagues, including those who aren’t going through, or never will go through, menopause, to become comfortable talking about it.  By doing so, they will gain the confidence to support the people around them who are experiencing menopause.”

Cadent cites three key areas of the menopause friendly practices that have generated the most impact in terms of both support and engagement:

  • A monthly support group that empowers women to own their menopause and feel confident when they need to discuss their symptoms with their GP.
  • Being open and talking about menopause has normalised the topic which, until recently, had been somewhat taboo. This is helping to change the lives of colleagues and their families.
  • A bespoke Menopause Policy and Guidebook which supports all colleagues. Not only does this help the person experiencing menopause but also their Line Managers to feel confident when talking to them. Added to this, over 70 per cent of its managers have completed the ‘Menopause eLearning for Managers’ module.

“The progress made with raising awareness and normalising conversations about menopause over the past 12 months has been remarkable,” adds Diane Bennett, General Counsel at Cadent. “This is best exemplified by the discussions about menopause which occurred with Board members at our ED&I focused meet and greet session in January. We also saw male colleagues talking confidently and with clear understanding, sharing conversations they had held with female family members as a result of our Menopause Friendly initiatives.”

In offering her congratulations to Cadent on achieving The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, Deborah Garlick, CEO of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace, says, “The Independent Panel was so impressed to see what Cadent had done. The business has recognised the value of open conversations to include everybody, acknowledging that menopause awareness and support is essential for all.  For employers and their workforce, it is not solely about how menopause symptoms affect people in the workplace, but also at home and with their friends and families. Cadent’s approach and determination offer insight, confidence and support to all.”

Cadent chose to take being Menopause Friendly a step further by applying for the accreditation. “The Menopause Friendly Accreditation is an ongoing commitment to our colleagues, assuring support for those who will face menopause, directly or indirectly, in the years ahead. We are future-proofing Cadent to ensure it is a caring and supportive employer,” explains Lucy.

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