Flavour that boosts you

The nation’s most loved Malt Loaf brand, Soreen, today announced the launch of their brand NEW Soreen Lift Bars, which include three delicious flavours – Blueberry, Raspberry & Vanilla and Chocolate Orange.

Made for those moments when most in need of a boost, the delicious soft bakes make for a convenient tasty snack – perfect for on-the-go and a healthier alternative to the average snack bar.

Bursting with flavour the juicy Blueberry, tantalizing Raspberry & Vanilla and indulgent Chocolate Orange Soreen Lift Bars contain naturally occurring B12, proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue. As well as Soreen’s key ingredient Malt, which is a natural source of energy and a heart-healthy mix of fibre, potassium, folate and vitamin B. So, whether studying hard, in-between meetings, on the way to the gym, or struggling to focus on the day ahead, these bundles of energy are ideal for moments when a boost is needed most.

With a sharp rise in on-the-go occasions, Soreen Lift Bars make for a popular, healthy and convenient snack at under 140 calories and are Vegan friendly.


Mark Simester, Managing Director at Soreen added: “We know that consumers aged between 18 and 24 are most likely to buy a sweet snack based on the taste, price and flavour. That’s why we took the time to carefully select the flavours to ensure that our Soreen Lift Bars perfectly deliver on taste. In fact, our taste test group identified that consumers were delighted to be able to enjoy indulgent flavours in a much healthier way.

“Our Soreen Lift Bars will enable shoppers to grab a healthy, tasty choice fast – whatever the occasion – and are made for those moments when consumers are most in need of a boost.”


These new cake bakes are also pipped to gain wide appeal given that they’re HFSS compliant and at 42g, they’re filling as well.


Liz Jacobs, Soreen Marketing Director added: “Given the rising popularity of healthy on-the-go snacks fueling everyday energy, we took the decision to create these new soft bakes and flavours that would appeal to a different palate.

“We’re immensely proud to bring a vegan product to the market that contains naturally occurring B12. A vegan diet can often lack B12 so we’re delighted to offer a tasty bar that’s not only packed with flavour but also makes it easier for shoppers to consume B12 and boost their energy levels in a vegan friendly bar.

“Soreen Lift bars also have a treat like taste without being high in sugar or fat – important for a healthy and nutritious diet. There isn’t a product like this out there at the moment within the cake category, so this could be the recipe to lift it and recruit a younger shopper.”


Soreen Lift Bars will be available to consumers in Morrisons and Asda this month, with a RRP of £2.25 for a Multipack of four. The soft bakes will also be hitting further stores throughout the summer.