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With the first quarter of 2023 now behind us, digital marketers are looking ahead to the remainder of the year in an attempt to work out the best options to maximise the reach of their efforts and take full advantage of the latest techniques to leave their competition in the dust. As a result, we’ve decided to put together this article covering two particularly efficient strategies, namely SEO and PPC to give you a head start on your marketing ambitions throughout the next 7 months of 2023.

Insights from the Experts

According to – one of the leading marketing agencies in the North East, the rest of 2023 looks set to see an increase in online marketing campaigns. This is partly due to Google’s recent crackdown on unorthodox black hat techniques as marketers scramble to focus on tried and tested methods of promotion and publicity.

According to ROAR, two safe practices are SEO and PPC, with the former being subject to a lot of controversy when not performed efficiently and the latter being a safe, albeit expensive option if a dedicated team isn’t fighting on your side of the fence. Let’s take a closer look at these two options, what they are, how they work and why they may be so beneficial for the rest of the year ahead.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation

It’s no secret that Google loves to prioritise a finely tuned website, complete with trust, authority and citations. SEO has been at the forefront of the marketing field for years now, but as Google and other search engines introduce measures to ween out the real sites from those looking to take advantage; a marketer’s role has just grown all the more challenging.

Experts predict that the safest option for any site wanting to optimise its performance for the year ahead is content. Fresh, regularly updated copy certainly seems to be the way forward, so much so that the demand for copywriting has seen a rapid increase in the past few months. What the marketing agency does with that content is up to them, but generally speaking, the tried and tested backlink technique is still a firm favourite, as not only will Google recognise the effort – they will also evaluate the links present and this in turn can assist a website to climb through the ranks.

Unfortunately, AI has thrown a spanner in the works and although there are tools to identify the presence of a bot handling the content creation, this set marketers back early into 2023 as they dedicated hours of wasted time trying to replace humans with robots, only to find their websites delisted for their hard work.

PPC, or Pay Per Click

PPC, or pay per click, is another option that many marketers are considering when they want to ensure that a website is seen, but only pay when a potential customer actually clicks through. When done properly, i.e. with a landing page that was designed to promote sales and reduce bounce rates, PPC can be a hugely successful tool. Although it has maintained its popularity over the years, 2023 looks set to increase its potential even further due to the ability to designate a target audience via Sponsored Ads and then allocate a budget for the cost of each click with complete control. When paired with an automated system to nurture a visitor, this process can be even more effective.

There you have it – a few predictions for this coming year as far as marketing is concerned, alongside viable solutions to help you stay on top of your marketing endeavours.