Enriching the practical experience of our students

Today, Cherwell College Oxford is rethinking the meaning of modern education and strives to offer their students things that they can immediately use in practice. Cherwell College has always provided and continues to provide a high level of academic education and powerful scientific knowledge. At the same time, Cherwell understands that modern competitiveness is built on the development of students’ unique abilities. Personal achievements and ambitions, the application of knowledge in practice, creativity and a flair for experimentation pave the way for the best future for students.


Access to the best modern higher education

This year, Cherwell College Oxford is partnering up with Berkeley, University of California. 

Cherwell’s pedagogy at pre-university level coupled with Berkeley’s Method of Entrepreneurship, as developed by Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (Berkeley UC) at undergraduate and postgraduate level, create a powerful synergy and a pathway for progression to higher education. Both employ a flexible approach to an educational process with the aim of creating a favourable environment for students to flourish and achieve high grades through focusing on the development of the individual in a competitive world of academia and business.

Cherwell’s pedagogy is based on the Socratic method of teaching (one to one and small groups) which develops reasoning, critical thinking, erudition, and provides a wholesome all-round educational experience, preparing students for university and life beyond.


Focus on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation

At Cherwell a lot of attention is paid to STEM subjects, as it is important to create the best opportunity for students to continue their studies in this area. Today, technology and entrepreneurship are closely linked, it is a powerful mix that inspires successful start-ups and is in demand in the world right now. 

Unique partnership with Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (Berkeley UC) will create academic pathways through traditional A-levels & Bootcamps in Oxford and California to enable students to prepare for higher educational establishments.

However, Cherwell’s diverse team and multidisciplinary ethos allow A-level and GCSE students with interest in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to flourish both in class through excellent teaching, as well as outside of the classroom environment through unique initiatives and extracurricular activities, together with online courses as offered by the College www.cherwell-college.co.uk.


The educators of the world are now focused on striking the right balance between the student’s academic success and one’s ability for social integration through teamwork as well as supporting causes aimed at betterment of the environment or community we live in: this notion is well established through the universities application process and interviews where applicants are encouraged to show the ‘human’ side of oneself. That is why Cherwell College continuously supports its students in all their endeavours, making a special emphasis on social and teamwork skills, which is the foundation of their successful future.