Choosing a Location for Your Automotive Business

There is a huge amount to think about when starting a motor trade business. One key element that you must not overlook is location as this can have a direct impact on your success. Choosing the location depends on the type of motor trade business that you operate, but there are several key factors to consider.



One of the primary factors to consider is accessibility – you won’t have much success with your motor trade business if your customers cannot reach you! You need to think about accessibility in terms of major motorways, roads and public transport (especially if customers will have to leave their cars behind).


Market Research

As with any type of business, you need to carry out market research before launching. This will allow you to discover your nearby competitors and if there is room for your type of business in the market. Although too much competition can be an issue, you will find that nearby complementary businesses can attract more customers and create synergy, such as used car dealerships, repair shops and part suppliers.


Local Demographics

Your research should also look into local demographics to ensure that your target market aligns with the area. You want to make sure that there will be demand for the type of business you plan on setting up, so you need to look into demographics, income levels and preferences for specific vehicle types in the area. If you find that the local area is not a good match, it is worth looking into a different location.


Safety & Security

You also need to consider safety and security both in terms of the area and the specific building that you choose. It is important to research crime rates in the local area (especially car crime) and then look for buildings that have strong exterior lighting, fencing and secure doors and windows.


Parking & Storage

As a motor trade business, you need to make sure that your site has ample parking for customers and employees. Storage is another important factor as you may need room for vehicles, parts, tools and equipment that need to be kept out of sight. You are likely to have multiple vehicles on your site at once, which also means that you need to look into insurance. For repair businesses, smart repair insurance can provide comprehensive coverage for financial protection and peace of mind.


These are a few of the key factors to think about when looking for a location for your motor trade business. Location is always an important factor when starting a new business, but especially for motor trade businesses as you are likely to have multiple cars coming in and leaving the business each day. Hopefully, this post will help you on your search and help you to find the perfect location for your business.