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There are hundreds of video slot operators that could be a great choice for your new online casino. Sadly, there are also plenty of sub-par developers who have bad reputations, shady practices, or slot games that aren’t up to scratch.

In this article, we’ll look at how to sift out the good from the bad. How can you choose a safe real money slot operator that provides fair games with excellent security and transparency? To do this, there is a range of important factors to consider, including licensing, RTP, payment options, transparency, and security architecture, which I will discuss below.



Perhaps the first factor to consider is a gambling licence. As you are aware, online casinos should have a gambling licence and this is also true for real money slot operators. Licences are issued by an official regulatory body or licensing body that covers a specific region, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

These organisations are responsible for giving licences and also for auditing the slot operators to make sure they comply with gambling laws and regulations for the country/region the business resides in. We categorically advise against ever using a slot operator that doesn’t have a license.

If they do not have a gambling license from an official body, then they do not have to comply with gambling laws and could potentially be scamming customers or using biased RNG systems to rig their games. Legitimate slot operators should always have their licensing info visible and available to check.

Slot RTP

If you read this review of real money slots, you will see plenty of mentions of RTP. RTP stands for the return to player percentage. This denotes how much a player can expect to win back when playing over time. For example, a well-known slot from NetEnt is Bloodsuckers, which has an RTP of 97.00%.

This means that if you spent $100 playing the game, over time, you would expect to get back $97.00 or make a loss of $3.00. The industry average for video slots if 96.00%, therefore, you should ideally be looking for an operator that has plenty of slot games with an RTP that is equal or above this.

If the slots have an RTP below 96.00%, the games are less attractive and fewer people will play them as customers often look at RTP in relation to their chances of winning.

Payment Options

It’s also a great idea to consider payment options for slot games. It’s important that people can easily make deposits and play the games. Which currencies do the video slots support? What denominations are there in terms of spin value? What is the maximum payout the slot can provide, and does it have a progressive jackpot feature?

These are all important factors to consider, and they help determine the accessibility of the slots and how people can actually play them depending on their budget.


Transparency for RNG systems

Online slots use RNG (random number generator) systems to determine the outcome of each reel spin. This is a complex algorithm that uses computer science to randomly spit out a number sequence that relates to each reel being in a different position.

This is how video slots are randomised; you only want to use software developers that have their RNG systems verified. There are third-party testing labs and auditing companies, like eCOGRA, that test RNG systems for randomness and make sure nothing underhand is being done behind the scenes by the slot provider.

Proper RNG systems make sure that the slots are fair and that everyone has a proper chance to win real money.


Security Architecture

Lastly, consider the security and the platform the video slots are made from. Securing your business is incredibly important and individuals must also be secure when doing anything online. For slot games, this mainly comes down to the host, i.e. the online casino, and they must have SSL encryption and use HTTPS for web data transferals.

The slot operator should ideally utilise modern methods for their games, such as HTML5 for coding as opposed to the older flash games that are no longer supported by Adobe.


Make Sure You Choose the Right Slot Operator to Benefit from Their Games

The primary factors to look for are licensing and RNG systems as these virtually guarantee that the slot operator is legitimate and that their games are not biased and will not scam customers. Other factors, like RTP, payment options, and security features, are also vital in determining which slot operators to use.