Snooker shot

Snooker is a cue sport that originated in the late 19th century and has gained immense popularity worldwide. There is also snooker match betting, where different variations of the sport can be wagered.

While the standard version of snooker is widely played, there are several variations and formats of the game that offer unique challenges and entertainment. Some of them include:

  • Six-Red Snooker;
  • Power Snooker;
  • Snooker Plus;
  • Team Snooker
  • Shoot-Out;
  • and One-Pocket Snooker.

Let’s start with Six-Red Snooker. This format is played with only six red balls instead of the usual fifteen. It is a faster-paced game with fewer balls on the table, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. Six-Red Snooker is often played in tournaments and provides an exciting twist to the traditional game. At 1xBet you can always make snooker match betting on this variation of the sport too.

Variants of the game where everybody can be entertained

Power Snooker was introduced in 2010. This is a high-intensity variation that aims to add a new level of excitement. In this format, the balls are assigned different point values, and each frame has a fixed time limit. Players need to score as many points as possible within the time constraint, making it a thrilling and fast-paced game. With 1xBet you can bet from anywhere with mobile devices on this particular variation of the sport too.

Snooker Plus is a variation that combines elements of snooker and pool. The game is played on a snooker table with fifteen red balls but uses a set of pool balls instead of the traditional snooker balls. The objective is to pot the red balls followed by the colored balls, similar to snooker, but with pool balls and rules.

Team Snooker involves teams of two or more players competing against each other. Each player takes turns playing shots, alternating with their teammates. It adds a collaborative element to the game.

Shoot-Out is a fast and thrilling version of snooker that is played with a shot clock. Each player has a limited time to take their shots, adding pressure and urgency to the game. It is often played in a tournament format with shorter matches and intense gameplay.

Finally, One-Pocket Snooker is a variation that limits players to pocketing balls in a specific pocket designated at the beginning of the game. Each player chooses one pocket, and they can only score points by potting balls in that pocket. It adds a strategic element, forcing players to plan their shots carefully. Bettors can start betting from anywhere with the mobile 1xBet platform, where all these snooker variations are also available.