The way that technology has evolved over the years has definitely changed the way we work and interact with one another. More people are working from home than they had a decade ago or are finding themselves in a hybrid working situation.

The idea of the digital nomad is relatively new and wouldn’t be possible without modern communicative technology and fast internet speeds. Those who have opted for this lifestyle may find themselves living somewhere like Vietnam and paying less for rent. However, while they gain benefits from their new environment, ever wondered how a digital nomad cope with a medical issue while abroad.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Post covid, it seemed that the days of employees having to spend the full working week in the office had long gone. Although some companies are getting employees to come into the office more often, many people are still working from home.

Digital nomads are those who are not tied down to one particular location or country. They work remotely from anywhere they want, often travelling from place to place and working from far flung corners of the globe.

This is the dream working scenario for many people. It offers unbridled freedom and independence, with digital nomads able to earn a living while exploring the world at the same time.

As a digital nomad, you could be working from a skyscraper hotel in New York City one week, then from a tropical Caribbean beach the next.

However, digital nomads often travel solo, and this can come with its own set of risks and could make things difficult in the case of a medical emergency. Especially if the new country that they’re living in have expensive medical care.

Getting the right kind of insurance

As medical services could be expensive or difficult to access depending on your location. If you need to access these services in case of an emergency, you will probably want to be treated as quickly as possible without needing spend huge amounts.

It’s important that nomads get insured. Depending on the situation, whether you’re heading out to one location for a few months each year or to several locations a year, you may need to choose between single or annual policy. Policies all differ, and some may not cover medical conditions or certain locations, so you have to go through the details of the policies. If you do have a medical condition, you might have to look for certain insurers who state they offer this service, as an example, Staysure offer specialist travel cover for something like this. Though you will have to check whether providers are willing to insure those who are working abroad, as a policy that can’t keep a digital nomad out of trouble in the case of a medical emergency, won’t be particularly useful.


Be Aware Of Local Emergency Numbers

Most people know their country’s emergency number. But when working abroad you might not know the local emergency number.

If you are thinking about the digital nomad life, it’s worth memorising the local emergency number. This can literally be a lifesaver should you require assistance in the future.

Better yet, draw up a list of emergency numbers in any major countries you plan on staying in and keep this somewhere you can easily access it, such as on your mobile device. This will mean you won’t be in danger should you need assistance and forget the number.

Looking After Yourself

When working abroad, it’s also important to take care of yourself. If things are cheaper, it’s easy to indulge and maybe even stop having an active physical lifestyle. Digital nomads who go to locations that also house other likeminded digital nomads might often gyms near to their accommodation or upmarket cafes and restaurants that serve healthier alternatives to fried street food.

Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid quick junk food no matter how tempting it is. Get plenty of sleep too. Sleep helps our bodies replenish and recharge and is essential for promoting positive mental and emotional wellbeing.


Although a medical emergency can happen as a digital nomad, getting the right framework in place like maintaining a healthy lifestyle or having insurance in place, will help digital nomads not find themselves in a much more stressful position.