Sabre56 named as miner management partner for new 300MW Saxet Energy Park in Corpus Christi, Texas

$60 million, five-year contract

Sabre56, the leading independent provider of mining operations services and respected digital asset mining consultant, announces the successful award of a five-year agreement with Bootstrap Energy to provide miner operations at the 300MW Saxet Energy Park.

Bootstrap Energy and its partners have demonstrated great vision in their Saxet Energy Park complex, and its development and management strategy is the future of at-scale mining. The energy park is a blended ecosystem of energy supply, mining and HPC operations together with relevant services and support businesses. Sabre56 is fully aligned with this vision and honored to couple our mining expertise with Bootstrap’s infrastructure expertise and proficiency in the competitive ERCOT electricity market.

Saxet Energy Park has the capacity to host approximately 100,000 ASICs from blue-chip miners. The facility will also host cutting-edge AI and HPC platforms. This arrangement catapults Sabre56 into the top five operators globally, based on assets under management. The five-year contract will commence in Q4-2023.


Phil Harvey, Founder & CEO of Sabre56, commented:

“We are thrilled to announce this landmark deal with our valued partner Bootstrap Energy. Bootstrap has put together one of the larger builds in the space – 300MW – dedicated as a Blockchain data center.  Sabre56 will oversee the mining operations at the cutting-edge Saxet Energy Park in Corpus Christi, Texas.  This flagship facility will host several of the industry’s most successful public and private miners. This operations management contract is the largest single award to an independent service provider in our industry.

“Bootstrap Energy and Sabre56 are united in bringing the new standard and creating a benchmark in the sector – incorporating structure, operations and in particular energy management and client experience. This agreement is a sign that the industry is maturing and the infrastructure and operations professionals are in the driving seat of one of the largest facilities in North America.”


Steve Quisenberry, CEO of Bootstrap Energy, concurred:

“We are excited to find a high-caliber partner in Sabre56 with a shard ethos grounded in operational excellence. Together with Sabre56, Saxet Energy Park will raise the market expectations to a new standard of performance and with unparalleled energy optionality. Phil’s team at Sabre56 will ensure the hosted miners operate at peak uptime and our team will assure dynamic energy cost performance to cope with the complex variables in mining economics.  

“At-scale mining provides an uncommon value proposition as a flexible load resource.  Saxet Energy Park offers miners optionality with a competitive rate for hosting services and no-markup energy pass-through. But the feature that distinguishes Saxet is our flexible, price-responsive energy strategy that puts the power in the miner’s hands to keep the value of their energy attributes. “


The massive award is the newest in a sequence of deals for Sabre56 which began with the company securing project funding in February of this year to build out its own 150MW worth of tier zero blockchain data centers in Wyoming, Ohio and Texas.

Today, Sabre56 owns and operates some of the world’s most technologically advanced, efficient, and cost-effective data centers and the company is continuously expanding its global footprint. The company utilizes industry leading miner management platforms adheres to the strictest regulatory standards and implements a proactive environmental and social impact strategy at all its facilities.


About Sabre56

Sabre56 is a leading hosting provider and digital asset project management consultant.

Its management team comprises pioneers with many years of experience in the blockchain industry and digital asset management, plus backgrounds in security and consultancy. Sabre56 consults a global client base, including North America, South America, the Middle East, the Nordics and Eurasia – working with renowned names in the industry.

Via its end-to-end consultancy, Sabre56 designs, builds and operates the world’s most technologically advanced, efficient and cost effective blockchain data centers.