Private sector ready to deliver 1+ million COVID vaccines – leading industry medical expert

Responding to reports that COVID vaccinations may soon be available to buy privately in the UK, the Founder and Medical Director of the first British company to provide flu vaccination campaigns has estimated that over one million people could benefit from allowing private providers to deliver COVID vaccinations.


Dr Charles Levinson, Doctorcall Founder and Medical Director, commented:

“Millions already receive their flu jab privately and mobilising that existing network to provide COVID vaccinations is a quick and easy win. Companies can offer wide scale programmes for their employees and individuals ineligible for an NHS jab can choose to pay a relatively small fee.”

“We see great quality in the choices made by employers and individuals – they self-select to ensure the right people get the vaccine, with companies keeping critical staff at work and with individuals on whom others depend putting themselves forward.”

“We have been calling for this as it will help alleviate pressure on NHS services by reducing spread and illness. It can be delivered through a combination of workplace clinics and electronic vouchers that could be redeemed at local pharmacies – the same as Doctorcall’s existing flu network.”

“Boosting capacity to add COVID vaccination is relatively straightforward as the vaccinations can be administered at the same time. The existing network could be immediately deployed to give over one million people protection in time for the challenging winter season.”

“Before any doses are administered, details will have to be addressed on storage, pricing and licensing. I urge officials to open discussions with the private sector, allowing us to take the relevant steps to prepare for an organised campaign.”

“Doctorcall is the longest-established provider of private flu vaccinations and demand is currently at a record high. Companies of all shapes and sizes recognise the benefits, why not use the same template for COVID vaccinations? Providing greater protection to those who choose to accept it.”




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