Vivitek introduces high impact, high value, D2000 Series of compact, portable projectors

Vivitek – the visual display brand for all meeting spaces – has announced the D2000 Series of high impact, high value portable projectors. Ideally suited to the needs of small and medium-sized meeting rooms, the DW2650Z and the DH2661Z deliver a brilliant image, multiple I/O ports and a long-life light source. This makes them exceptional value for organisations seeking a durable and feature-packed projector that’s light to carry at only 4.8kg, simple to set up and easy for anyone to use.

Both the DW2650Z and the DH2661Z feature DLP® DarkChip3™ and BrilliantColor™ technologies for optimal black levels and vibrant colourful images, combined with manual zoom and focus for easy adjustment and positioning flexibility. The DW2650Z and the DH2661Z offer 4,200 and 4,000 lumens respectively, while the DW2650Z has native WXGA resolution with a maximum WUXGA resolution and the DH2661Z has native Full HD resolution. On the DH2661Z, the High Dynamic Range (HDR10) delivers enriched brightness and vibrancy for precise natural colours. On both projectors, high performance sound quality is assured thanks to a built-in 10W audio speaker, with multiple audio-in and audio-out.

With more customers investing in solutions that are sustainable and long lasting, both projectors offer low cost of ownership and maintenance, with the D2000 series featuring a lamp-less design that delivers up to 30,000 hours of usage. Aiding the projectors’ longevity is the airtight sealed engine and filter-less design for improved performance for added resistance against dust and fibres, and with less than 0.5W of power used in stand-by mode, they’re environmentally friendly, too. Quick on/off for immediate power on or shut down, ensures that the projectors are quick to respond to user’s demands.

Portable and lightweight at only 4.8kg (10.5lbs), the projectors are easy to move from one location to another, while their compact footprint makes them easy to place. Set up has been simplified through a full suite of display connectivity inputs and outputs, while on the DH2661Z any distorted or trapezoid image issues are easily corrected with HV keystone, and 4-corner adjustment. Both models have an intuitive multiple language OSD (On-screen Display) menu. Once in situ, comprehensive anti-theft security features – including a Kensington® security slot, and security bar – ensures the projectors remain in place at all times.

Commenting on the introduction of the D2000 Series, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, said: “Value matters more now than ever to small to medium businesses, but we don’t believe it should compromise performance, features or sustainability credentials. That’s why we’re confident that the D2000 Series will be well received by end users who seek a powerful, fully featured portable projector that meets not just their needs, but their budget, too.”

Pricing and availability

The D2000 Series is available immediately. The DW2650Z is £699 excluding VAT, and the DH2661Z is £999 excluding VAT. The warranty for both is three years.

About Vivitek

Vivitek, a brand of Delta, offers an extensive line of visual display and presentation products. Vivitek’s line of digital projection and display products incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to meet the market demands for education, business, home theaters, and large venues. For more information, please visit