RealWear Ships Most Advanced Rugged Enterprise Intrinsically Safe Smart Glasses, Readying Industrial Customers for AI Revolution   

RealWear has today announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that RealWear Navigator® Z1, the world’s most advanced intrinsically safe (IS) head-mounted wearable, starts shipping today.

RealWear received its official ATEX / IECEx Intrinsically Safe (IS) certification for RealWear Navigator Z1 (“Navigator Z1”), with consultation with MOBILE, a technology expert in IS product development. IS certification is granted after passing a plethora of tests (i.e. thermal, electrical integrity, mechanical durability, safety compliance, and explosion-proof testing), validating that the device, whose purpose is to boost productivity and enhance safety for frontline workers, will not cause an explosion where flammable particulates are present in the atmosphere. All consumer electronics that are typically deployed for worker productivity in a standard office environment–including iPhones, tablets, and immersive AR/VR headsets–are strictly prohibited in these zones.

After publicly announcing Navigator Z1 hands-free computing solution, RealWear has received substantial pre-orders from more than a dozen countries in the oil and gas industry, signalling strong product demand globally, including a sizable order from a major customer in Saudi Arabia.

Navigator Z1: Redefining Smart Glasses for Industry

Navigator Z1 stands out as the most advanced and rugged smart glasses available globally, characterised by three distinct benefits:

First, Navigator Z1 represents the pinnacle of RealWear’s product innovation, delivering unparalleled performance with exceptional power efficiency.  Navigator Z1 is powered by an advanced Qualcomm SnapDragon 6490 chipset with a built-in advanced AI engine.  The platform lays the foundation for RealWear’s broader AI Core vision for frontline workers.

Second, the device now complies with strict ATEX/IECEx certifications. As oil and gas work environments can be extremely noisy, Navigator Z1 ensures voice recognition for fully hands-free use up to 100dBA.

Third, Navigator Z1’s unique modular design, which RealWear pioneered, enables unprecedented customization including the ability to add an IS-certified thermal camera and a swappable battery. The eagerly anticipated Thermal by FLIR thermal camera module is scheduled for release in March.

 “Worker safety and productivity must not be mutually exclusive,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, RealWear’s cofounder and CEO.  “With so many consumer-grade gadgets being hyped to industry, we have delivered something truly modern and in high demand for critical work procedures.  With certification, we’re able to fulfil our strong pre-order backlog.  Navigator Z1 is laying the groundwork for an AI-enabled workforce in hazardous industries.”

“As the global market for intrinsically safe devices continues to expand, the introduction of new and innovative IS devices is crucial,” said David Krebs, Executive Vice President of VDC, a market intelligence analyst with specialisation in rugged design. “Balancing worker safety while providing workers with the necessary digital solutions to enhance workflow efficiency in hazardous environments is a growing requirement and what RealWear has achieved with Navigator Z1.”

“The design of the most powerful smart glasses for frontline professionals took incredible collaboration between RealWear and MOBILE,” said Dirk Amann, CTO of MOBILE. “We are pleased that we have been able to make a device that has met the requirements to achieve IECEx for use in explosive atmospheres.”

Customers can purchase the full Navigator series directly via RealWear’s global reseller network. Shipping has commenced in Europe, including UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, and in the United Arab Emirates, as well as across the majority of the Asia-Pacific region including Southeast Asia, Singapore and Australia. Orders in North America, Canada, Japan, Mexico and much of Latin America will be fulfilled in March timeframe for C1D1 zones.

Navigator Z1 is part of the Navigator Series, including Navigator 500 and 520, which are for everyday hands-free work for frontline workers in less restricted work areas.