D-Link’s DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge Tailored for Meta Quest 3

D-Link’s DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge Tailored for Meta Quest 3

The DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge supports Meta Quest headsets, creating a faster, more streamlined and better gaming experience

D-Link, a global leader in networking and connectivity technologies, has exclusively partnered with Meta to launch the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge, which received rave reviews after its debut in North America last year and was released in United Kingdom this January. This wireless adapter supports the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets and the latest version, released at the end of last year, the Meta Quest 3.

The DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge offers a simple setup and optimised performance for Meta Quest headsets, enhancing user experience by leveraging the power of Wi-Fi 6 to establish a high-speed, low-latency connection between gaming PCs and Meta Quest headsets.

Paired with the sleeker and more stylish Meta Quest 3, users can enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement thanks to the wireless link that enables an untethered 360 degrees of motion, eliminating tangled cords and restricted mobility, and elevating gaming experiences to the next level.

The latest Meta Quest 3 VR headset incorporates built-in support for hand-tracking technology, eliminating the need for controllers to explore the virtual world. With Direct Touch technology and the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge, users can interact directly with virtual objects without restrictions using their hands for a more immersive experience. The powerful combination of Meta Quest 3 and the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge seamlessly integrates the virtual and real worlds, offering improved real-time streaming and graphical performance. This allows stunningly clear details and smoother performance in immersive gaming, creating a genuinely breathtaking user experience.

The DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge is now available in North America and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit [https://eu.dlink.com/uk/en/products/m30-ax3000-wifi-6-smart-mesh-router].

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