Malt set to redefine the future of independent talent with Freelance Advisory Board

The committee will help address the challenges and opportunities faced by freelancers and consultants and how companies can better connect with independent talent

London, January 2024Malt, Europe’s leading freelancer marketplace facilitating connections between businesses and freelancers, announces the launch of its Freelance Advisory Board, a consultation committee bringing together 17 freelancers and consultants from seven countries to help Malt shape its strategy across Europe.

A new governing body has been selected from a community of 600,000 freelancers registered on Malt’s platform and gives a voice and active role to its international community of freelancers. Members of this committee have completed over 500 assignments in eight categories of business expertise, such as tech, marketing, design, and strategy consulting.

Charlotte Gregson, Country Head UK at Malt, said: “Our goal at Malt has always been to create an environment where the voice of every freelancer is heard and valued. The formation of the Freelance Advisory Board is a testament to that commitment. Harnessing the unique experiences and insights of this diverse group will enable us to better meet the evolving needs of our community and shape the future of work. We’re not just launching an advisory board but unlocking a shared journey of collaboration and innovation”.

Acting as a stakeholder committee, the advisory board will also have an advocacy role, representing the freelancers’ voices during Malt’s discussions with public decision-makers to keep changing the rules about freelancing and help influence policies defining the future of work.

Dr Gary Crotaz, Executive Coach and host of The Unlock Moment podcast, added: “The best businesses stay closely connected to the voice of their customer, and Malt is no different. The Board will help highlight challenges that freelancers face and improve the experience for both clients and freelancers to create seamless and highly successful engagements. We care about fixing the pain points, like scoping the project, negotiating the price and getting paid. But we also care about helping freelancers grow, so accessing the resources that employees often benefit from, like mentoring, coaching and personal development opportunities. It is my honour and privilege to represent the UK on the Freelancer Advisory Board.”

Members of the Freelance Advisory Board will meet annually with Malt’s management to discuss strategic subjects such as product vision, new features and services, as well as product pricing and daily rates, creating a unique opportunity for Malt to gather their ideas and address potential difficulties.