Workforce management app introduces ‘Messenger’ for improved communications on the frontline

New chat functionality from Quinyx will enhance company-wide collaborations

In response to frontline teams struggling with fragmented communication channels, juggling multiple apps, and facing difficulties in connecting with their colleagues – Quinyx has today launched a new chat tool, Messenger.

Developed specifically for frontline teams, Messenger is a seamlessly integrated chat solution which aims to transform frontline conversations and enhance collaboration within organisations.

Through Messenger, frontline teams can engage in two-way conversations and communities directly within the Quinyx app, where they already have their work schedule. This integration eliminates the need for third party apps and centralises work-related discussions and meaningful connections in one unified platform. Resulting in no more searching for contacts or worrying about missing out on important conversations.

One of the key advantages of Messenger is its full integration with Quinyx. Leveraging the existing roles, permissions, and hierarchy structures, Messenger ensures centralised access, a clear overview of workflows, and easy upkeep.

“We understand the importance of seamless communication within frontline teams,” said Erik Fjellborg, CEO of Quinyx. “With Messenger, we aim to empower organisations to build strong communities, foster collaboration, and enhance productivity. By providing an integrated chat solution, we want to streamline communication processes and eliminate the complexities that frontline teams often face.”

Key benefits of Quinyx Messenger include:

  • Instant, targeted conversations: Enjoy direct or group chats, boosting two-way conversation, building communities and engagement.
  • Easy access & maintenance: Maintain access and permissions within Quinyx’s existing structure.
  • All-in-One Platform: Messenger seamlessly integrates within the Quinyx app for streamlined and transparent communication.

For more information about Quinyx Messenger and its features, watch the latest product innovation keynote presented by Laurence Painell, CPO at Quinyx, here.