How delivery management software helps construction projects finish on time and under budget

Busy construction sites aren’t just a breeding ground for excess bricks, cement and rubble – without proper inventory audits and pinpoint delivery management, they can become host to ineffective processes which result in severe and unnecessary financial losses throughout the job.

However, with careful planning through the assistance of delivery management software and similar applications, sites everywhere can benefit from effective tool and material deliveries not just for the benefit of the site or construction company in question, but the local area too.

If your company is constantly leaking cash and you’re worried poor delivery and inventory practices are to blame, here are a few ways delivery management software could be of assistance.

The benefits of construction site delivery management software

A clear view of delivery inventory at all times

With orders being placed on construction sites regularly it can become difficult to keep track of the precise items that have been ordered and the ones that are still outstanding. This is especially true if the site is plagued with admin or technical issues that prevent previous orders from being pulled up and examined.

In this instance, duplicate orders can be made accidentally, or unnecessary orders can be placed due to a lack of access to previous orders – or due to simple poor inventory management. However, with dedicated construction site delivery management software, this problem becomes a thing of the past.

As soon as an order is placed, the full order inventory can be seen in the software, making it easier than ever to remain knowledgeable on what is expected and to flag any potential mistakes or issues before the delivery is made. Cutting unnecessary orders thanks to this process can help save construction sites significant sums of cash.

Access to past deliveries helps plan for future deliveries

As construction projects progress, it can become clearer as things move forward at what rate specific materials are being used, and in which areas of the site they’re being used in. A quick analysis of this information can help companies plan for further deliveries in the days and weeks ahead, hopefully giving them an accurate idea of what items will be needed, in what capacity, and when.

Rather than shooting in the dark, construction site delivery management software gives inventory managers access to all data concerning previous orders – including specific dates, units and items. Using this information and their knowledge of the project, they can then plan out what they will need shortly, helping reduce unnecessary expenditure and excess stock taking up space on the site. Instead, they can plan for the exact stock they’ll need, as and when they’ll need it.

Specific delivery arrival times help plan for productivity

An awkward element of the delivery process as a whole is not having a clear-cut view of when items will arrive. Whether it’s construction sites or the general public, ordering items and being unable to plan for their arrival can be a difficult business, with items sometimes being dropped off in inappropriate locations or left unattended entirely.

Not only is this inefficient, it can be unsafe if certain items are left in the wrong area – or in the wrong hands. But with a construction site delivery management system, managers never need to worry about items arriving at inopportune moments again. Because the software is accessible to both the purchasers (the construction company) and the vendors (those delivering the goods) the delivery details can be updated with expected delivery times well in advance, allowing work sites to plan for the right employees to be on hand to collect the good when they arrive. This is rather than them rushing to meet the delivery when it arrives or standing around aimlessly waiting for it to arrive over a period of hours.

With more precise delivery times, workers can plan their day more carefully to make the most of other tasks that need to be completed around the delivery, boosting overall site productivity.

Utilise construction site delivery management software on your next job

If all of the above sounds like it would work well for an upcoming construction project you’ll be working on or overseeing, consider onboarding a new delivery management system for your site, so you can give your job the best chance at finishing on time and under budget, without too many excess materials to spare.