As well as the rising popularity of #coupleoutfits and #matchingoutfits, as we head towards V-day has seen another couples matching trend – searches for His and Hers #matchingfragrances.

The Matching Trend Breakdown: 

  • Couples who are looking for matching or complementary fragrances to strengthen their bond.
  • Searches for “fragrances to pair together as a couple” have risen, as well as “matchingfragrances” “hisandherfragrances” and “couplefragrances” on social media platforms
  • #FragranceTikTok is awash with #matchingfragrances #couplegoals content
  • The trend has been observed by in its sales

More products are being bought in ‘pairs”

Jonny Webber from explains,

“Shoppers are not just looking for a present to gift their ‘significant other’ (SO), but for items they can wear as a pair.

“When picking out a fragrance gift for a loved one, we’ve seen a big increase this year of customers popping a ‘self-love gift’ in there too, adding the male or female version of the same fragrance into their online basket.

“Not only do these products smell great together, the bottles look fantastic on the shelf too!”

Matching fragrances for couples: What fragrances to pair together #couplegoals

Jonny continues, “Of course, many of the top name fragrance brands are driving this trend with complementary products that pair easily in both aftershave and Eau de Parfum femme versions.

“One that stands out is Jean Paul Gaultier thanks to its iconic ‘male and female torso bottles’. But other trending brands include Valentino, Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna and Paco Rabanne.

Jonny Webber adds: “The ‘matching trend’ for couples isn’t new – celebrities have been popularising this for years. With Posh and Becks, Britney and Justin and the Kardashians just some of the famous faces adorning co-ordinating outfits.

“But this year it’s requests from people looking for perfumes and aftershaves that complement each other that is dominating our power couple goals.”