How Companies Can Optimise Multichannel eCommerce for Reach and Revenue

Whether you already sell on a few different channels or want to start expanding, these strategies and tips will help you optimise your approach and ensure your budget is not going to waste.

Choose Your Channels Wisely, Niches Included

Success in multichannel eCommerce begins with identifying the right channels for your business. Analyse your sector, observe where your competitors are selling, and take note of their successes and failures. Choose channels that add value to your strategy, not just volume.

Consider niche channels catering to specific product categories such as user friendly Amazon Ads. The use of such channels has been rising, providing untapped opportunities for businesses. For instance, if you’re in the Electronics industry, explore niche channels instead of relying solely on mainstream platforms.

Scale Your Ads Effectively

Scaling is crucial for growth, ensuring sufficient inventory to meet increased demand. Regularly update product feeds for real-time tracking and promptly remove or mark out-of-stock items. Evaluate and adjust operations to handle growth effectively, including investing in an advanced multichannel ecommerce platform or expanding customer service capabilities.

Focus on Optimising Product Titles and Custom Labels

Find the best product titles to influence Google’s algorithm and enhance listing visibility. Follow guidelines for creating informative, straightforward titles within the 150-character limit. Utilise tools like DataFeedWatch for quick optimisation and adapt titles based on performance data and changes in algorithms.

Custom labels are underutilised tools providing significant benefits in categorising and segmenting inventory. They enhance budget efficiency, allocate resources strategically, and improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Use custom labels for seasonal items, best sellers, and high-margin products, providing flexibility and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Enhance Product Images and Product Identifiers

Quality and quantity of product images significantly impact multichannel eCommerce success. Multiple images per product, including lifestyle images, boost engagement and conversions. Create the best possible image size and format based on platform guidelines. Consider AI-driven tools like Google’s Product Studio for efficient image generation.

Product identifiers like GTINs play a crucial role in efficient product listing and search optimisation. GTINs, globally unique and recognized across platforms, improve product visibility and aid in smarter buying decisions. Identify and manage missing GTINs to enhance product visibility and inventory management.

Exclude Unprofitable Products

Increase profitability by excluding unprofitable products from your campaigns. Review product profitability reports and exclude items with low or negative profit margins. Regularly refine your product offering to optimise marketing spend and overall profitability.