Generative AI, Tool Consolidation, and Compliance and Security are Top of Mind for DevOps Teams

Eficode’s annual DevOps trends pinpoint key areas that will define the intersection of AI and DevOps

Carefully managing Generative AI’s potential through DevOps and an increased focus on compliance and security around its application should be paramount to DevOps teams in 2024, according to Eficode, the leading provider of DevOps solutions in Europe.

Research indicates that 96% of developers use AI tools–with eight out of ten coders bypassing security policies to use them. With no standardised regulations for AI tools, Eficode’s new DevOps trends 2024 guide advocates the need for stronger governance frameworks and AI security policies in organisations’ DevOps strategies to encompass the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

These models will help organisations comply with regulations such as GDPR, manage data residency and governance, and guide the responsible use of AI whilst taking advantage of increased creativity in the software development process.

Eficode’s DevOps trends guide places additional importance on organisations using DevOps as a safety net in validating the accuracy and safety of AI-developed code as its use proliferates. With AI tools enabling DevOps teams to generate complex code at a far faster rate than before, developers must utilise an increased blend of peer reviews, testing, and security scanning to deal with the increase in code volume.

Eficode’s DevOps trends 2024 guide has additionally identified two further key trends as crucial to the intersection of AI and DevOps:

  • Increased tooling consolidation for organisations looking at moving towards big platforms
  • The importance of platform engineering becoming increasingly user-centric in providing a superior Developer Experience for DevOps teams

Software development is in a transformative shift, driven by the rise of popularised generative AI tools. These remove the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of software development while helping DevOps accelerate the software delivery,” comments Marko Klemetti, CTO of Eficode. “However, as DevOps adapts to the challenges that Generative AI poses, we’re going to see more big organisations build their own governance models. to make sure that their software development tooling and DevOps teams are connected and guarded, all while they augment their processes with AI tooling.”

The themes explored in Eficode’s DevOps trends guide will be central to its 11th edition of The DEVOPS Conference Global in London on March 14. As the leading event for DevOps professionals to share knowledge and expertise, the 2024 edition will focus on the impact of the rise of AI and the growing need for platform engineering.

Here you can find the link to the full Eficode’s DevOps trends eBook:


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