McCambridge Duffy saves almost half a million pounds per year by partnering with Apogee

Firm eradicates costs associated with monthly IT outages, reduces postage spend and doubles client caseloads as it undergoes significant digital transformation

 Maidstone, UK, 13th February 2024 – McCambridge Duffy, a leading UK insolvency firm, has partnered with managed workplace services (MWS) provider Apogee Corporation to boost workplace efficiencies  and modernise its IT infrastructure. Since the collaboration began, the firm has already reduced a large proportion of its yearly operating costs by almost half a million pounds.

Apogee digitised the operations at McCambridge Duffy with the implementation of its Managed IT Services and Digital Document Service. Prior to engaging the MWS provider, the firm was suffering from up to two IT outages a month, costing approximately £31,000, which have been reduced to zero. Additionally, as a business heavily reliant on paper-based documents, the yearly costs associated with postage accumulating to £60,000 have been cut down to £8,400.

Alongside cost savings, McCambridge Duffy has also benefitted from improved efficiency across its workforce. Client caseloads have almost doubled from 5,000 to 9,500, without needing to increase headcount, and a meeting of creditors appointment now takes just 7 days to process, down from 45, an 80% reduction.

“We’ve been on a transformative journey over the last five or so years, and I don’t think we would have reached this point today had we not cooperated so closely with the Apogee team. We knew we had to accelerate digitisation across the business to continue meeting the needs of our growing client base and also our staff, but our legacy infrastructure was holding us back. It started with a project to streamline our printing processes and now virtually everything we touch is an Apogee solution” said Michael Rutherford, Business Operations Manager at McCambridge Duffy.

A reliable IT system has additionally provided unprecedented flexibility to staff working patterns. 90% of employees now successfully work remotely or via a hybrid arrangement under a long-term agreement, leading to the retention of key individuals in a time of skills shortages.

The integrated Digital Document Service now controls the digital journey of documents from a centralised location. Staff can now send forms to be signed online and printing requirements have drastically reduced. Previously, McCambridge Duffy printed over one million documents a year by six multifunctional printers, which have now been reduced to just one.

Under its Managed IT Services agreement, Apogee has taken responsibility for the company’s IT infrastructure, from user licenses to laptop stands, keyboards and headsets. A reliable license per user model reduces the number of new servers needed and lowers the company’s expenditure, with 13 desktop servers shrunk down to four.

“Early on in conversations with McCambridge Duffy, we identified key sections of the business where we could make improvements. We’re delighted to have worked closely with the team from the outset to pinpoint the right solutions and ultimately transform the organisation’s operations,” said Aideen Muldoon, Sales Account Manager at Apogee Corporation.