23 February 2021, Dubai, UAE: yacht and motor boats parking at the port near Dubai Marina Mall with row of high skyscrapers residential buildings and hotels

Without a doubt, Dubai implies an ultra-modern city, which is mainly famous for its endless sandy beaches, beautiful hotels, luxury cars and, of course, tall skyscrapers. All these features attract travellers from all over the world. It comes as no secret that such projects are carried out by top developers companies in Dubai.

At the same time, many buyers of real estate do not even imagine that they are the owners of housing designed by the same companies that once built the luxurious Atlantis The Palm hotel, the majestic Burj Khalifa skyscraper or the grandiose structure of the Dubai Opera.

Why Do You Need a Realtor?

The fact is that the UAE real estate market is transparent, information about objects is posted online, and plenty of transactions are concluded remotely. However, if you refuse the services of a broker, you will not only not benefit in price, but, most likely, you will lose access to the best offers. In addition, if difficulties arise, you will have to deal with them yourself.

It is important that developers pay realtors a percentage of each transaction concluded on the primary market. Top brokers are in a special position with developers, as they provide them with regular transactions. So, agents are invited to closed sales at the start of projects, where the best prices and an excellent assortment are available. In this situation, having refused the services of a realtor, you will be forced to act alone and choose from what remains unclaimed by clients of top brokers, if anything at all.

What Services Does the Real Estate Company Provide?

For a start, luxury property Dubai specialists help resolve issues related to the sale, purchase or rental of real estate. The company works both with secondary real estate and with objects directly from the developer (ready-made and at the stage of building a house). Experienced realtors can offer options to suit any budget, from budget single apartments and studios to luxury penthouses and luxury villas. The services of a real estate company include complete closure of the transaction, from A to Z. Thus, by contacting a professional, clients receive a wide range of services, including:

  • selection of real estate;
  • after-sales service;
  • reviews and site visits;
  • complete execution of all documentation;
  • drawing up and signing of contracts as well as monitoring the stages of their implementation.

Simply put, specialists from real estate companies in Dubai always take into account all wishes and can offer different areas and categories, and will suggest the most profitable options. Specialists also help with procedures and contracts for apartment utility services. It is noteworthy that for clients who invest in real estate for subsequent rental, realtors search for reliable tenants.

Experienced realtors always personally accompany clients and discuss all the nuances with them right on the spot. Moreover, if the buyer is not local and flies to Dubai, by agreement I will meet him at the airport.

How to Choose a Responsible Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Lots of real estate buyers in the UAE face the problem of choosing a realtor in the majestic city of Dubai. The tips below will help you avoid making a mistake when choosing a realtor:

  1. Have a personal conversation with an employee of the company who plans to sell apartments and villas. You can find your potential neighbours on the developer’s social networks, as well as in some specialised communities. Here you can read real customer reviews.
  2. Carefully study the realtor’s official website and accounts on popular social networks. This will help you get acquainted with basic information about the company, as well as find out if the realtor has awards and achievements.
  3. Hire a qualified realtor. A real estate professional can tell you what features to focus on. In addition, an experienced expert will give you key tips to follow when choosing a property developer in Dubai.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no need to rush to sign an agreement with a realtor; first evaluate him/her as a specialist.

Law Degree

It matters iIf we are talking about an individual and not a company. To cut a long story short, it is important that the realtor has the appropriate education, because he/she will draw up and read contracts, collect and check documents. Law degree is a must for the security of the transaction.

Good Recommendations and Reputation

It comes as no surprise that it is better to contact the person recommended to you by friends or acquaintances. At the same time, a couple of successful “cases” is not yet an indicator. Try to make inquiries about the realtor: read reviews on the Internet, be sure to take a closer look at his/her workplace: where his/her office is located, what condition it is in.

Awareness of all the Features of the Real Estate Market

It is important that a specialist understands the real estate market in his/her region and knows all kinds of pitfalls. Such a realtor will immediately tell you what the real market value of the apartment is, in which areas it is promising to buy real estate, where it will be comfortable for older people to live, and where for families with small children. A really good expert will tell you whether it is worth making cosmetic repairs to your apartment for sale and what its strengths are.

Positive Attitude and Guarantees

A realtor must always be in a good mood and believe in success as well as give guarantees that he/she will select a buyer for your apartment or find you a suitable option for purchase. In this case, the pro will name the approximate time frame within which he/she will complete the task.

Choosing a reliable realtor in the United Arab Emirates is not so easy. When dealing with real estate in Dubai, you should trust a large company, because reputation is important to them. Large companies have the most extensive databases of real estate properties. Such an organisation is NR Luxury Properties. In addition, the agency employs a whole staff of professional employees: lawyers, translators and all that jazz.

Specialist Help

In the Dubai real estate market, it is now practically impossible to do without a realtor. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling or buying a home, renting out or wanting to rent. All in all, it is better for a foreigner to turn to a professional.

Luxury Properties company’s employees will always be happy to assist you in choosing real estate in the city of tall skyscrapers and deciding on the right area for you. In addition, real estate experts will provide you with legal assistance both in preparing documentation and at other stages of concluding a contract.