The leading Italian solutions provider to the global manufacturing industry is using rugged TOUGHBOOK devices to manage and control its production and packaging machinery.


Bracknell, UK. 26 February 2024 – G.D., a leading Italian solutions provider to the manufacturing industry, has chosen Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices to manage and operate its production and packaging machinery. G.D. offers a portfolio of high-speed production lines and a varied array of solutions to meet its manufacturing customers’ needs.


The fully rugged TOUGHBOOK G2 and 33 models are used in two different ways: installed onboard machinery with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and expanded RAM connectivity; and a stand-alone mode, featuring a 4G LTE module for technical use by field operators and remote assistance in branch offices.


The TOUGHBOOK G2 and 33 devices are ideal for production line control and for use in manufacturing environments because of their ruggedness, dust and water resistance (IP65), and ability to withstand drops, knocks and vibrations.


Maurizio Maglioni, Senior Specialist HMI & Remote Production Assistance Engineering at G.D, said: “As a company that has utilised industrial PCs for over 25 years, our recent transition to Panasonic Mobile Solutions was driven by the search to identify a singular, dependable, and competitive supplier. Having a product that demonstrates stability over time is pivotal for us. Panasonic’s reliability immediately stood out, offering customisation and consistent updates across hardware and software without a single flaw in the process.”