Today is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.”

Laura Evans-Fisk is Head of Digital & Engagement at leading foreign currency brand, eurochange. Here she shares her thoughts on what IWD 24 means to her as a younger leader in the male dominated world of finance. 

It will be 50 years next year since the very first official UN International Women’s Day was established in 1975. At 34 years-old, I wasn’t even born then but even five decades on, the importance of focusing on the rights, opportunities and the future ambitions of women, especially in the workplace, is as vital as ever.

The United Nations has designated this year’s theme as ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ and it is a topic that really resonates for me as a woman in business, working in the fast-moving area of digital and engagement.

Working in the very competitive and male dominated finance sector and in a leadership role, at a relatively young age, I have personally seen and experienced many positive developments when companies invest and nurture their female staff.

Not only does it accelerate individual progress, but the whole dynamic of the workplace and wider success of the business.

Companies with more women in leadership roles are more profitable. A Pepperdine University study showed that twenty-five Fortune 500 firms with the best record of promoting women into high positions were 18 to 69 percent more profitable than the median firms in their industries.

I am especially proud that as Head of Digital and Engagement, at leading foreign currency specialists, eurochange, I have been given the opportunity to flourish in my role and for my ideas to become a significant element of the wider business strategy.

Fortunately, the company culture at eurochange is very inclusive and all ideas and suggestions from staff at every level are welcomed and  embraced.

For me, stepping into a role on the Execo, is where I have personally been able to shine and accelerate my own progress; thanks to the insights gleaned in being part of a decision-making process and of course, being surrounded by a host of accomplished business minds.

So, this year’s IWD, is not just an opportunity for me to reflect on how I can grow professionally but also how I support the other women in the business and future ones by setting a precedent: that at any age, young or senior, anything is possible!

On a final note, championing more women in the workplace should not just be a numbers game but a positive process of celebrating and nurturing their skills and qualities. That way, in another 50 years, we will have an even bigger host of inspiring female leaders across even more industries making a difference.