Goodbye Bodyshop, Hello Farmasi? UK Launch of Ethical Beauty Retailer Farmasi Attracts Former Bodyshop Consultants

Network marketers across the UK were shocked when the Bodyshop at Home programme abruptly closed after new owners Aurelius began an urgent restructuring as the company went into administration – but it turns out it could be great news for newly launched brand Farmasi.

At-Home Consultants were devastated at the end of the programme, having built their network businesses up over many years – but then were reassured when the company announced they would be bringing in a new ‘Ambassador programme’ instead, which consultants could join to earn commission.  Consultants were also reassured they would be receiving compensation in lieu of the holiday incentives they had earned last autumn under the old Bodyshop at Home  programme, as well as commission on orders from the new ambassador programme – so many of them once again put their faith in the brand, continued to take orders and earn commission on sales, this time as ‘Ambassadors’.

Stop press and skip forward to just weeks later – their orders went in, products were sent out to clients but the consultant’s commission never came (and they have since been told it won’t be coming).  Nor will the promised compensation, and they won’t be getting the holidays they worked for either.  Nada. Zilch, nothing.  The new ambassador programme was closed just weeks after launch, the at-home consultants were let down further, and then, even worse, the stores started closing with brutal speed.

Staff working at the Bodyshop stores which the firm decided to close were given practically no notice – they were simply ordered to close and leave the stores.  Many staff who worked for the brand’s Head Office suffered a similar fate, with the instant dismissals possibly breaking UK employment law.  The company also began ruthlessly ending ties with fair trading charities established by the brand,  in a display of corporate brutality which would break the heart of the brand’s founder, Anita Roddick.

Aurelius are also positioned as lead creditors, meaning they will get the lion’s share of any spoils remaining and could even buy back a slimmed-down version of the business without the liabilities.  It’s not gone down well with those employees and consultants who believe they are still owed money.

It was a sharp and sudden end to what had been for many a dream job and a dream way of life, bringing tears, sadness and pain all round for one of the UK’s best loved network marketing brands and high street store chains.  The future for the remaining stores and staff remains uncertain.

However, for the At-Home Consultants, Bodyshop’s loss could well be the gain of a global network marketing company which launched last month in the UK – the timing could not have been better for them.

Farmasi, an ethical  European cosmetics, skincare, wellbeing, slimming and nutrition brand, is a strong, established brand in more than 35 countries and it’s launch here last month has already attracted many former Bodyshop at Home consultants, who have joined their Beauty Influencer programme.  The founders expect the UK to stand out as a key area for innovation and growth.  The company’s president explained:

“This momentous expansion into the UK is not just about growing our footprint; it’s a celebration of connection, innovation, and the boundless potential of our community,” said Emre Tuna, FARMASI President. “We are here to make a difference, one person, one product at a time. The success of our launch is a testament to the universal appeal of our mission to empower through beauty and wellness. The UK is just the beginning of our next chapter, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey together.”

For unhappy Bodyshop consultants, the fit couldn’t be more perfect, the established brand offers similar rates of commission and comes with similar ethics to Bodyshop. Farmasi Beauty is also cruelty-free, with many vegan products. They don’t test their finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties.

Like the old Bodyshop under Anita Roddick, Farmasi is committed to supporting charities and doing good outside the business.  As a proud partner of Feeding America—the USA’s largest hunger relief organization, the company donated 1.5 million meals in 2021, 3 million meals in 2022 and 2023, and they are also committed to Earth Conscious Packaging.

The products already have a global following and a good reputation – this means former Bodyshop consultants who signed up at the launch are already seeing healthy sales and already building strong network partnerships.  Farmasi have, by sheer fortune, hit the market at the right time to capitalise on the decisions by Aurelius.  One consultant told us:

“I was absolutely heartbroken at losing my Body Shop business.  It’s not about the money for me, although it is for many of my colleagues.  My teamies and my clients are my friends, it’s been so much more than a job, it’s been my safe place when I have had issues with my health, and I have loved helping people find products that have solved beauty and wellbeing challenges in their lives – as well as buying little treats to make life more pleasant.

“I am so grateful to have found Farmasi at exactly the right time.  We are just at the beginning, the products are amazing, and I now have a new range of make-up, skincare and exciting supplements  I can share with my lovely clients – and I can use all the extra knowledge and new product training to help even more people.”

“That doesn’t make Aurelius’ behaviour right, and many of us are still sad at the sour ending, but thanks to Farmasi we still have our businesses, can continue to work in an ethical and supportive way with the people we have built relationships with and recommend excellent products to our clients – which is a real blessing.”

To learn more about opportunities with Farmasi, or to learn more about Farmasi products, click here.


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