Platform Law Firm, Setfords, Named as Top Hirer of All UK Law Firms

Today Setfords, a pioneering platform law firm, has been named as the top hirer of any law firm in the UK according to newly released research by Codex Edge.1

The UK Top 100 law firm, with nearly 500 expert lawyers nationwide, welcomed 141 qualified lawyers to join its innovative legal practice last year.

Confirming evidence of significant change within the legal services market, the new research reveals that Setfords is the number one choice for lawyers as the firm secures the accolade of top hirer of all UK law firms – including traditional law firms.

The platform law model, adopted by Setfords, is disrupting traditional ways of delivering legal services by embracing technology, enhancing client experiences, and boosting new ways of working. In this way, both lawyers and clients benefit.

Despite the relative newness of this model, Setfords’ continued and rapid growth is testament to the strength of this new way of working, especially when compared to a more traditional approach.

The Platform Firms Report 2024 is published by Codex Edge – a research company with access to a fully comprehensive dataset across more than 15,000 firms.2 Codex Edge research analyses law firms, lawyers, practice areas and specialisms using real-time legal data and insights.

“It’s really positive to see the continued growth of the platform law model,” comments Guy Setford, CEO of Setfords. He adds; “We’ve always been dedicated to driving innovation in legal service delivery. Being named the top hiring firm of any law firm in the UK is truly a momentous occasion for us. It just shows that this model not only works but is fast becoming the first choice for many lawyers.”

This new report highlights how Setfords has progressed from being trailblazers in the platform law model, to now operating as the biggest platform law firm in the UK, outranking competitors – including several traditional legal practices – in a wide range of performance indicators.

Having just hit the milestone of 10,000 Trustpilot reviews with a rating of 4.9/5, Setfords is clearly making waves for both lawyers and consumers alike. Setfords’ success as top hiring law firm is a testament to the growing – and enduring – success of the platform law model as an innovative alternative in the traditional legal market in the UK.