Leading AI voice and former Dragons’ Den investor Piers Linney partners with Champions (UK) plc 

Former Dragons’ Den investor and AI expert Piers Linney has partnered with leading growth consultancy firm Champions (UK) plc.

He joins the company as ‘AI & Technology Lead’, in another key management appointment to the organisation’s team.

Mr. Linney’s entrepreneurial and investment experience spans across technology, automation and communications. He is the co-founder of Implement AI, a next generation consultancy dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses understand and implement artificial intelligence.

He is also the co-founder of Atherton Bikes, a leading producer of titanium and carbon-constructed mountain bikes which were used to win the World Championships 2023.

He said: “I’ve been working with the Champions family for around seven years now, and we’ve really built a business together which has been my speaking profile and my keynotes, which has gone incredibly well.

“The Champions business and the ambition has expanded, and I’m really excited to be partnering with them on bringing my AI experience and Implement AI’s capabilities into the fold.

“We’re going to be bringing together the strategy to help companies grow, to expand, to understand how they can extract the most out of their business to increase profitability and valuations. It is critical that every business includes artificial intelligence in their growth strategy and operational planning before their competition does.”

Mr. Linney is best known for his time on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire, and Dragons’ Den between 2013-2015, where he sat alongside other renowned figures such as Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden as an investor. The former Dragon is a qualified corporate lawyer and former M&A banker at Credit Suisse.

He acted as a Non-Executive Director to the British Business Bank during the £90 billion roll out of COVID business support loan schemes, and was also a trustee of Nesta, the UK’s largest innovation foundation with a £600m endowment.

Mr. Linney was recognised as one of the UK’s Top 20 Ethnic Minority Executives in 2020, and is a D&I adviser to Sky, following his experience as a former future strategy adviser to one of the world’s leading luxury automotive manufactures.

As AI & Technology Lead, Mr. Linney will be leading projects regarding business automation, AI implementation and investment solutions, helping organisations navigate through Champions’ audit to activation process.

The business adviser and influencer will be bringing over vital experience in technology, modern manufacturing and M&A investment banking, which will provide Champions’ clients with industry leading insights into growth and automation.

Champions (UK) plc Managing Director Matthew Hayes said: “I’m very pleased to announce our new AI & Technology lead, Piers Linney.

“Piers will lead our clients’ efficiency and competitive difference via helping them navigate the complex landscape of AI and integration.

“His passion for supporting businesses with tech-first strategies has seen him become a globally recognised AI expert, with the world’s number one AI for Business podcast and LinkedIn appointed ‘Top AI voice’.

“We’re excited to see what our clients’ future holds as they reap the benefits of our powerful, technology-led solutions.

“Welcome to the family Piers.”

Find out how Piers Linney can drive your business growth via the new Champions website at https://championsukplc.com/.