Unveiling People Flow: Transforming the world of HR, through personal wellness and community

Unlocking Potential, Boosting Careers

Launching on March 27, 2024, People Flow introduces a groundbreaking new approach for HR professionals. This innovative HR community is set to revolutionise careers by focussing on the human behind HR, providing exclusive access to expert mentors and coaches, valuable networking opportunities, and holistic wellness support aimed at building resilience and personal growth.

Empowering HR Professionals

Addressing the mounting pressures faced by HR teams today, People Flow offers a unique opportunity for businesses to invest in the people who take care of their employees and the health of the organisation.

Founded by Abigail Wilmore, a distinguished HR and luxury brand expert whose career has included working at Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Estee Lauder, and is now serving as Chief People Officer at Tom Ford Fashion, the People Flow community will redefine the HR experience.

Unique Offerings

Members of People Flow gain access to monthly mentoring sessions with Abigail and other HR visionaries, networking events, as well as personal development sessions and nurturing wellness advice from gurus in healing, spirituality, mental health, neuroscience, body work and more.

They will also gain access to Abigail’s little black book of contacts through the Community. Moreover, there are downloadable HR policies, tools, and resources available to help them become more effective in their roles, including company handbooks, strategy planning templates, and much more.


Leadership Superpowers

Abigail’s vision for People Flow extends beyond traditional HR frameworks and focuses on helping members to develop the key skills or ‘superpowers’ that she feels are essential for building strategic influence, confidence and ensuring HR leadership success.

These include:

  • The Magician – Sees into the health of the organisation, ability to untangle relationships or political webs and heal the eco-system.
  • The Influencer – Able to ignite and inspire with brilliant social strategies.
  • The Pioneer – Takes risks and sees into the future to best help the organisation stay ahead of competition.
  • The Meaning Maker – Helps employees to understand how their role contributes to the company mission and purpose.
  • The Story-teller – Brings stories from the past, present and future to show the richness of culture.
  • The Product Designer – Creates products rather than initiatives, putting the human at the centre.
  • The Marketeer – Looks through a marketing lens to deliver a personalised HR experience.
  • The Community Leader – Utilises the collective energy of a network as a catalyst for growth and change.


Abigail Wilmore, Founder of People Flow says, “As HR professionals, we tend to look after everyone else in the organisation, but often do not have time to take care of ourselves. With our roles under so much more pressure than ever before, I wanted to create a vibrant, supportive community to give us the attention, networking opportunities, tools and focus we need to thrive in our roles and excel in our careers.

For businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity to show their HR team they value them by investing in a supportive network that offers professional development to build strategic influence, as well as improve wellbeing and resilience which can enhance performance and support retention goals.”


Join People Flow Today

For HR professionals seeking to grow their strategic influence and take care of their wellbeing, People Flow offers an unparalleled platform. Whether navigating people strategy or overcoming imposter syndrome, members can access a wealth of resources and expertise to accelerate their professional and personal journey.

Abigail adds, “Our aim is to build people up, champion them, and provide unprecedented access to luxury industry experts. By joining People Flow, individuals can develop the superpowers needed to thrive in today’s high-pressure HR environment.”


Visit www.wearepeopleflow.com to discover how People Flow can empower your HR journey.