CEOs Nap More Than Managers, New Survey Reveals

According to a recent sleep survey conducted by Expert Reviews, CEOs nap 39% more than managers, 24% more than directors and 36% more than those with no managerial responsibilities

Despite NHS guidelines suggesting that adults require 7-9 hours of sleep each night, sleep patterns differ significantly across professional roles. The Expert Reviews survey results indicate that individuals in more senior roles achieve a greater amount of sleep. Out of all senior roles, business owners were found to receive the least amount of sleep, with just 60% reaching 7 or more hours per night.

Not only do CEOs nap 39% more than managers, but 70% of CEOs also sleep for 7 or more hours each night. In comparison, just over half of managers (57%) meet or exceed the recommended sleep duration each night. These findings could be due to a number of factors including sleep prioritisation, stress levels, or more structured sleep routines for those in senior roles.  

The survey findings highlight that the more senior a role, the more sleep that person will receive –  until they become a business owner. Only 45% of business owners agree that they get enough sleep, compared to 100% of chairpersons and 77% of CEOs. Business owners actually share more similarities with lower level employees, rather than their senior counterparts when it comes to the extent to which they believe they get enough sleep.

Level of role Agree that they get enough sleep
Owner 45%
Chairperson 100%
CEO 77%
Directors  51%
Managers 40%
Non-Management 38%

A 2023 study by UCL suggests that naps can improve mental performance, meaning good quality sleep could play a pivotal role in improving performance at work. The comfort and quality of a bed has the ability to make or break your sleep pattern. Mattresses that lack comfort, space and support could leave you feeling tired and achy. In order to avoid this impacting on the duration of your sleep, the National Bed Federation recommends replacing your mattress every seven to eight years.