Newtown antiques valuation event to raise money for Marie Curie

Ever wondered how much a family heirloom is worth or whether items stored away in your loft or cupboard have any value?

Could a piece of jewellery or silver, a painting, a watch, an example of Asian pottery, an item of militaria, an old book, a stamp album or a coin collection, that has been in the family for generations, be a hidden gem?

The answers to all these questions and more will be available when a team of specialists from Halls, a leading regional fine art auction house based in Shrewsbury, visits the Monty Club, Newtown to provide antiques valuations on Wednesday, April 17 from 11am to 2pm.

A small fee of £1 for each item professionally valued will go to Marie Curie’s Newtown Fundraising Group which has raised around £270,000 for the charity since forming in 2013.

Nearly £16,000 has been raised in the past year and the group is consistently in Marie Curie’s top five fundraisers in Wales. The group holds is annual meeting at the Monty Club on Thursday, April 10 at 2.30pm.

“We are very grateful for the generous support we receive from Newtown and surrounding area,” said Llinos Hughes from the group. “We are asking people to turn out in numbers to have their antiques, silver, jewellery, watches and paintings valued by the experts from Halls Fine Art whilst at the same time fundraising for Marie Curie. Who knows what treasures might be discovered on the day?”

The Halls Fine Art team will include Alexander Clement, watches and Asian art specialist and senior general valuer, Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley, silver, jewellery and bijouterie specialist and Abigail Molenaar, who specialises in paintings and prints.

“We know from past experience that there are absolute gems just waiting to be discovered in the Newtown area,” said Maryanne. “Obviously, we are looking for items to sell in our future auctions, but we offer valuations without an obligation to sell.

“Receiving an up-to-date valuation of silver, jewellery, watches, pictures and antiques is very important for homeowners, as they will not want to be underinsured in the unfortunate event of having to make a claim.”

Last October, Halls Fine Art sold a collection of jewellery from a Newtown seller for £25,000, including a sapphire and diamond ring at £2,700. A gold coin collection from Mid Wales also sold for £19,000 last month.

Anyone wishing to have collections or large antiques valued may take along photographs to show the specialists who may then arrange an appointment for a home visit. Those unable to attend the valuation event but wishing to have items valued can contact the fine art team on Tel: 01743 450700.