In response to a High Court ruling that mandates a revision of the UK government’s climate action plan, Stephanie Lowe, Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF), has called for the urgent development of a more robust, fair, and actionable climate strategy.

“The High Court’s ruling, which requires the government to revisit its climate action plan, underscores the urgent need for realistic and achievable climate goals,” said Lowe. “This decision aligns with our longstanding call for government strategies that are ambitious yet grounded in the practical realities and expert insights from industries at the forefront of implementing these technologies.”

Lowe added, “Incorporating detailed, industry-informed pathways is crucial to ensure the targets set are not merely aspirational but truly achievable. It is essential that future climate policies adopt a balanced approach that includes all sectors and communities.”

The ruling highlights the challenges in current government plans, which have been criticised for their lack of detail on achieving proposed emission cuts. As noted by environmental groups and the recent judicial review, the plans require a more comprehensive framework that genuinely aligns with the UK’s net-zero ambitions.

“We urge the government to use this opportunity to engage more constructively with industry experts and stakeholders to craft a plan that is both comprehensive and feasible,” Lowe stated. “SNIPEF is committed to supporting a transition to low-carbon technologies and looks forward to participating in a dialogue that moves us closer to our shared environmental goals.”