How affiliate sites are making more money than the casinos

Making money online has been an idea pretty much since people could go online. Back then, sending tens of thousands of unsolicited emails was a viable strategy, but as the internet itself, how you make money online has changed dramatically.

Today, not only do we have legal frameworks to abide by, but internet users are more aware of the marketing they are subject to. They have access to, and readily use, a range of tools designed to minimize ads and other marketing efforts. However, one way of profiting online remains both popular and effective, and that is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

The internet is a big place, with over a billion different websites and around half the world’s population connecting to it daily. Whatever a business is selling, whether products or services, there is a huge market for them to reach out to.

But what if you are a small business and don’t really have any marketing skills? Or what if you have a marketing team for your local sales, but want to reach further without spending a fortune? That is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Affiliates promote a business’ products or services to their audience or using their marketing skills. In return, they get a percentage of each sale made from the prospects they send to a business. One of the most famous affiliate programs is Amazon. If you have ever read a blog on almost any subject, chances are it had direct links to products on Amazon. Those are affiliate links, and the blog owner gets a small cut of the sale if you click the link and buy it.

Sounds great, but how does that make more money than a casino?


Here’s the thing, affiliate marketing is incredibly scalable. If you can attract a big audience, and a high value product to promote, you can make a substantial amount of money. There are three or four areas of interest that have dominated since the birth of the internet, dieting, sex, food and gambling.

Online casinos are incredibly popular, letting people play poker or casino games not just on computers, but on their phones wherever they may be. You can see the attraction, it’s a chance to make some extra money for some, entertainment for others, but what is really interesting is the affiliate programs they offer.

Most are based on revenue share, meaning that you get a cut of everything the player spends after they sign up through one of your links. No time limits. This is the key to making a lot of money through gambling affiliates. Every player you bring to a program adds more to your monthly earnings. As long as they keep playing, you keep getting paid.

How can you bring in those new players?


Being successful as an affiliate requires more than just putting up a load of affiliate links. There are two things you must accomplish, these are:

  1. Give value to your visitors so they keep coming back
  2. Build trust so they click on the links

That means high quality, informative content. Sites like Slot Sites achieve this by offering accurate, informative reviews of online casinos and other information that helps people make good choices in where they spend money. Yes, the goal is to get someone to click a link, but to build a lasting business, a site like this needs to offer honest reviews that match the user experience if they click the affiliate link.

It is no good saying a site is amazing if its buggy or offers poor service, because after they click your link, people will just think you are not to be trusted and ignore your site. Honesty, transparency and accuracy matter. It takes time to create that kind of content, but over time the rewards build.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a business that takes time and effort to build. But put the work in, and it can deliver substantial, ongoing rewards that build over time. Making money online is notoriously fickle, with people constantly chasing new fads before they are exploited to death, but affiliate marketing has been going steady for more than two decades.

If you really want to make money online, an affiliate program may be the answer.