In the latest edition of the Podcast Moving Countries 101, Wellness and Transitions Coach, Jennifer Brester guides you in supporting your wellbeing and holistic health during any relocation process.

As an experienced coach in empowering clients through many life transitions, Jennifer relays her wisdom in addressing the disruption to your life and to your daily wellbeing habits when you undertake a move, whether a few miles up the road or from from one country to another – and shares her own experience of moving from Portland, Oregan, USA to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In this weeks podcast,  Jennifer shares her five guiding principles when it comes to a move. Applying her knowledge and her other insightful observations will stand you in good stead for moving house, moving to a new city, state or country, and indeed for handling change in general.

Listeners can benefit from Jennifer’s coaching advice as she gives away a wealth of information through her conversation with Clare Kay – and if you want access to the personal coaching that Jennifer offers, feel free to check out the show notes.


About Moving Countries 101

In her popular podcast, Clare Kay showcases personal stories and experiences through her conversations with people who have moved overseas. The popular (and free to watch) podcast focuses on helping people who are planning to move countries (no matter the location), sharing useful, actionable advice both before and after you make the move.

It’s a must-follow for anyone who is interested in or is planning on living and working overseas.


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