New analysis from Fasthosts reveals that more than a third (35 per cent) of businesses polled are not ready to use AI and other advanced technologies because of limitations in their existing IT infrastructure.

In today’s business landscape where a robust IT infrastructure is paramount, businesses must not underestimate the importance of creating an AI-ready environment. Yet, many are being held back by a lack of understanding and inadequate computing capacity within their current infrastructure.

In fact, 60 per cent of polled businesses said that their understanding of technologies such as AI is non-existent or basic. Additionally, over half (61 per cent) of respondents noted that they are yet to evaluate how AI-ready their infrastructure is.

Failing to prepare or even consider creating AI-friendly IT environments can put businesses at risk. It can leave them trailing behind those who are implementing AI quickly and efficiently, as well as missing efficiency opportunities and facing increasing long-term IT costs.

Justin Bateman, Senior Product Manager at Fasthosts, said, “It’s alarming that more than half of businesses are unsure of limitations in their current IT setup that could hinder the adoption of technologies like AI. By not evaluating this, businesses are depriving themselves of an AI-ready infrastructure that offers cost-effective scalability, data management and increased control over their IT environment.

“For businesses that understand these technologies, they need to create an AI game plan and act. And for those that are hesitant or confused, it’s time to invest in a partner and technology that bridges both the knowledge and infrastructure gap.”