Netflix sensation bank of dave: why I want to share the four rules I live my life by with you

Inspirational businessman David Fishwick has outlined the four rules he lives his life by and says they show how “If you follow your dreams – you can make anything happen”.
The entrepreneur – who is the inspiration for smash Netflix drama Bank of Dave – is now one of the UK’s best motivational speakers.
Explaining what he likes to tell people during his talks he said: “What I’d love is for people to take away a bit of inspiration. Whether you want to start a bank of your own, whether you want to start a financial institution, whether you want to do something within the community, run by the community to benefit the community rather than the bonus culture.
“Whether you want to go for a new job, whether you want to go for a promotion, whether you want to have children, whatever you’re going to do, let’s do it tomorrow. Let’s make it happen. Let’s start that process.
“Because if you’ve got the courage to follow your dreams, you can make anything happen. And remember what my dad said, you know, ‘do it now because there’ll be a time when you can’t’. So together let’s make it happen.”
Dave said his experience of starting a bank which serves the local community has taught him that self-confidence can be learned.
And outlining the four rules he lives his life by he said: “What I learned about creating the Bank of Dave is if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything,” he said.
“If I can inspire people, that would be wonderful. And in life, I’ve a set of rules, and four of them are really important.
“Rule number one, never lose money. And rule number two, never forget rule number one. Rule number three and four are super important.
“Rule number three is you must never give up. And rule number four, the most important rule of all, is you must never, ever give up.
“Put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Because when you’re going after a financial institution, you’re up against massive regulators, you’re up against the world’s banking system and everybody’s trying to stop you.
“You must never give up. Just keep pushing…if you haven’t got enough self-belief or enough confidence, then I can help you. I can teach you.
“I wasn’t born with self-belief and confidence. Nobody is. But you learn how to use it, how to gain it. And in my talks, I can actually physically teach you confidence and self blame. And if I can do it, anybody can.”
Experience has taught him that you can double your net worth simply by communicating effectively.
He said: “There’s always a way in life for everything. You must think outside the box. One of the things I like to talk about in my talks is how people can learn to communicate better.
“If you can communicate better, you are going to add at least 50% to 100% to your net worth. I can teach you how to communicate. I had no skills at all when I started, but I can definitely teach you how to make this happen.
“So communicating is super important. Most people are stuck in a box in a business…what I like to do is I like to come along and teach people how to step outside the box, look inside and see where things may be going wrong or can be done better or differently.
“And then I can help you move on to the second and third and fourth business rather than being stuck in the first one…the faster I can make you redundant in that first business, the quicker I can get you on to the second, third, fourth, and you become a multi-business company.
“I started with one business and now I’ve got six. I built six multi-million pound businesses from scratch in all different departments…I’m self-taught and that’s the biggest thing I’ve got. I can teach you to do it.”
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