Agency for Integration and Civic Integration chooses Zivver for Secure Emailing and Preventing Data Leaks

After a careful tendering process, the Agency has decided to implement Zivver to enhance their digital communication security

29th May 2024 – The Agency for Integration and Civic Integration (AII), a central player in facilitating integration and civic integration in Belgium, has chosen Zivver as their partner for securely sending emails and documents and preventing data leaks. This choice follows an extensive tendering process, in which Zivver emerged as the best solution to meet the high demands of the Agency in terms of digital security and privacy.

The collaboration with Zivver marks an important step for the AII in enhancing the security of sensitive information shared with employees, clients, and collaborative partners. The ability of Zivver to minimize human errors and provide a very high level of data protection was decisive in the AII’s choice.

The implementation of Zivver’s solutions has now started, with the aim of completing the integration with existing email systems such as Outlook. This integration ensures that the AII can continue its mission with the certainty that communication is not only efficient, but also secure.

“The clear focus of Zivver on both security and ease of use was an important factor for us,” said Bram Penninckx from the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration. “This collaboration gives us the confidence that we can fulfill our responsibilities in data protection while continuing to enhance our services.”

Dr Rick Goud, CIO and founder of Zivver, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration: “We are honored to be selected by the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration after a competitive tendering process. This confirms the strength of our solution in providing the optimum balance in terms of security and ease of use. We are excited to contribute to the security of digital communication within the AII and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

About the AII and Zivver

The Agency for Integration and Civic Integration plays a crucial role in supporting newcomers in Belgium and promoting their integration process. It strives for a society in which everyone, regardless of background, has equal opportunities.

Zivver, founded in 2015, is a leading provider of solutions for secure communication, aimed at preventing data breaches and protecting sensitive information. With clients in various sectors worldwide, Zivver is committed to promoting secure and efficient digital communication.